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Jan 3rd, 2012 @ 1:19 pm

Instamusic Is A Minimal, Slick Music Player That You Should Download Now

Big fans of minimalism should check out Instamusic, a recently released music player for Android that makes listening to music a beautiful, sexy experience.

Now, to me, Instamusic is basically a clone of the popular Zune HD and Windows Phone operating systems, which isn’t a bad thing. According to the developer the app isn’t meant to be an exact 1:1 copy of the Zune HD interface, but instead is simply his take on a minimal music player for Android.

Instamusic is a visually slick Windows Phone inspired player for Android.

Anyway you slice it, Instamusic is an upgrade from the boring and uninspired stock Android music app. Instamusic is set up in a series of tabs that will let you sort by artists, albums and genre. The only strange thing about Instamusic, as referenced by one Market commenter, is that right now the app doesn’t allow for any type of playlists, which might make it a deal breaker for some. And, not that I use these features, but the app does have the standard repeat and shuffle options.

Instamusic is a very new release and still doesn't include basics like support for playlists.

Instamusic is very new with, as of this writing, less than 500 people having downloaded the app. However, the silver lining is that the developer is really responsive to new development and seems to release an updated version of Instamusic nearly every day.

If you are going to use Instamusic, be sure that you have your album artwork updated.

If you do plan on using Instamusic, be sure that you’re album art work is complete or otherwise you’ll be missing a big part of the artsy-cool factor of Instamusic, since the app turns each background into the album art from that artist or song that you’re playing.

Free: Instamusic

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  • Ram says:


    I too want to report a ‘bug’ that’s pretty annoying. While I love the interface and minimalism of the player (I love the lock screen playback option), the player seems to start playing where I paused it everytime I get an email on my Samsung Galaxy S (android 2.3.3) phone.

    I’ve tried multiple options (uninstall+install, re-boot, hard re-boot, etc) but this problem just doesn’t seem to go away.

    Pity – because inspite of this rather annoying bug, I would be recommending this app no end! Have written to Nicholas (the developer) about this problem, but haven’t yet heard back from him. Hopefully the next (quick) release will solve this problem.


  • avendexx77 says:

    Great payer, but i have a little problem with it. I use “quickpic” Photoviewer and when i close an album or the viewer itself, InstaMusic suddenly starts playing. It Seele to be a bug and i hope there will be a fix. Thanks.

    • Tamer says:

      Congrats dude for the ssefcuscul event participation. The material actually helped one of my friends, an MBA, who wanted to do build an App for a social initiative. I hope this helps several others too.

  • […] There are all kinda music player in the world, in my opinion, a player with style and an pleasant appearance would always become the famous one. Here I would like to thank you for downloading and trying InstaMusic. Especially those fans of minimalism who supported me and AndroidStatic who gave me a pleasant review in the post “Instamusic Is A Minimal, Slick Music Player That You Should Download Now“. […]