Nov 17th, 2011 @ 1:03 pm

iPhone Notifications Adds Smooth iOS Notifications To Your Android

Last week, we showed you four sexy ways to get your notifications in a place other that your status bar and, well, it looks like the same developer has been burning the midnight oil to create his new app iPhone Notifications. As you may have guessed from the name, iPhone Notifications mimics the same way that iOS handles notifications in the form of a pop up, giving you an option to either view or dismiss.

iPhone Notification are actually pretty beautiful on Android.

iPhone Notifications comes in free and paid flavors. The free version is actually pretty generous, but the paid version gives you some optiosn for adding vibrations and dimming the screen. The most important difference however is actually being able to see the full details for the notification. For example, in the free version you’ll be able to see that you’ve received a text, but won’t be able to read the text unless you click to go into that app (same thing with e-mail).

Believe it or not this is an Android screenshot, not iPhone.

Free: iPhone Notifications Lite

Paid: iPhone Notifications (Around $2.75)


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