Nov 26th, 2012 @ 9:35 am

Jottacloud A Good Dropbox Alternative

If you like Dropbox but hate the limited space you get on a free account, then Jottacloud might be worth your time. A new Jottacloud account comes with 5GB of space by default (compared to Dropbox’s 2GB), and if you use their Autosync feature for Android they’ll add in an extra 10GB — meaning you get 15GB of cloud storage on the cheap.

Jottacloud and Dropbox, to be accurate, are slightly different services; Dropbox is a syncing app, while Jottacloud is a cloud-based backup service (like Crashplan or Carbonite). Yes, I know that you can use Dropbox as a backup program, but it’s awkward and a stretch to have it replace a real backup program. Currently, Jottacloud does not have support of syncing between devices but is supposedly getting the option in the near future.


Backing Up Your Phone or Tablet

There are people who don’t back up anything. These people just walk around all willy-nilly like, flailing their arms about with expensive devices in hand. Idiots. I’m being a little dramatic because most of your phone is already backed up via your Google account (e.g. Contacts, E-mails). But your Google account does nothing for other things you love like text messages and photos.

Jottacloud is perfect for backing up these extras that you’d be pissed about losing if misfortune happened to befall your phone. Jottacloud’s Android Autosync works pretty much the same way that Dropbox’s Camera Upload or the Instant Upload feature in Google Plus does; Jottacloud will automatically back up your photos as they are taken. The difference is that Jottacloud does more than just photos.

Jottacloud's interface isn't much more impressive than Dropbox's.

Jottacloud: The App

If you were expecting something visually amazing from the Jottacloud app, you’ll probably be disappointed. The app feels like a carbon copy of the Dropbox app for Android: spartan, simple and utilitarian (see the image below). Maybe I’m asking too much from an app that’s focused on file management, but neither Dropbox nor Jottacloud are going to win any design awards.

Jottacloud and Dropbox look like the exact same app.

Much as you’d expect, Jottacloud lets you access files on your account and anything that’s on your device.

Jottacloud: Cost

The other big story behind Jottacloud (and the reason I think it could give Dropbox a run for its money) is the cost. Right now 100GB of space on Dropbox will run you $9.99 a month. Compare that to getting the same 100GB for $6 with Jottacloud. Even better, Jottacloud lets you pay per device and receive unlimited storage space. Desktop backups are just $6 a month and mobile devices are $3. In other words, you could pay just $9 a month for your laptop and phone and enjoy as much storage space as you like.

However, there are drawbacks to not sticking with Dropbox — mainly that there are so many other apps that hook into Dropbox. I love this little password app called Tiny Password that saves a backup of my passwords in my Dropbox account.

But if those aren’t considerations, Jottacloud is a fantastic alternative to Dropbox that helps to keep your devices in sync and make sure your files are backed up in the cloud.

Free: Jottacloud

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  • Mike says:

    I’m impressed with the photo syncing, upload speed is ok and taking ages but who cares, its free. If I run out of room I may be tempted to upgrade for some extra space.