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Jul 19th, 2011 @ 10:22 am

Libra – Weight Manager

Personal data tracking, that is, recording data about yourself and habits have been a real phenomenon in the past few years.  Although, I tend to think that data for the sake of recording data is a waste of time, I do think creating measurable progress is essential for achieving your goals.  Losing weight is a prime example and is one of several ways to measure how effective you’ve been in a new diet or lifestyle change.

For that end, I love Libra – Weight Manager for one reason: its simplicity.  There are probably as many weight and fitness related Android apps as their are diet books, but as anyone who has actually been successful at dieting knows there are no quick fixes and easy paths to losing weight.  Libra focuses on progress, which is the component that really matters.  Users get a super simple interface to not only view their progress in a chart but get a projection on their potential weight loss.

Users can sync data with Dailyburn and Withings or export the data to an Excel compatible file.  While I’d argue that using just weight to measure your progress isn’t the smartest idea, there’s no doubt it is important and that this is the Android app to do it with.  The Free version is Ad supported and upgrading to the Paid Plugin (that requires Libra) will remove the Ads.

Free: Libra – Weight Manager

Paid: Libra Plugin: Pro


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