Aug 5th, 2011 @ 8:34 pm

Luma Might Be The Most Beautiful Live Wallpaper For Android

I know that when I write a Live Wallpaper piece that I’m a little bit… well… enthusiastic. Live Wallpaper are conceptually cool to me, and whenever I find a new one I always think it’s soooo much better than the last. However, Friends, I bullshit you not that Luma might be the best Live Wallpaper on the Android Market.

Luma might seriously be the best live wallpaper I've ever seen.

Now, let’s get real with each other, there’s really no empirical methodology for deciding that one live wallpaper is better than another; it’s like trying to say that apples are statistically better than oranges. Qualitative observations aside, Luma is a totally freaking awesome live wallpaper that always looks good on your phone — as if it came that way from the manufacturer.

Luna Live Wallpaper is one of the few paid wallpapers I would recommend buying.

Rarely, do I believe that you should pay for a live wallpaper since there are so many free and good options out there to select from. That being said, I would, and probably will, buy this one. It’s just looks that good… sort of like me.

Free: Luma Lite

Paid: Luma 


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