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Mar 7th, 2014 @ 4:35 pm

Milk Music: A New Ad-Free Streaming Music App from Samsung

Today Samsung released a streaming music app called Milk Music.  They’re entering a field full of Goliaths on this one: iTunes Radio, Pandora and Spotify to name a few.  Stiff competition to be sure.

I was shaking my head in pity as I downloaded this app.  Poor Samsung.  Why would they do this to themselves?

Milk Music: A New Ad-Free Streaming Music App from Samsung

I was actually surprised to find that the app is actually good – it’s attractive, with a minimal design and clean typography, effective full-screen use of album art, and extremely intuitive controls.  As soon as the app loads, you’re ready to go.  No sign in required – no entering email or date of birth or choosing a username or connecting with social media.  Just music.  It was kind of like just turning on a radio to find a great tune.  I found it refreshing.

Controls and Customization

The first thing you notice are the controls: two wheels – the outer wheel moves quickly between genres; the inner wheel moves slowly through stations within the selected genre.  When you release the wheel, the music starts.

Milk Music Control Dial: A New Ad-Free Streaming Music App from Samsung   Milk Music Album Art: A New Ad-Free Streaming Music App from Samsung

Milk has 13 million songs and over 200 stations (the service is powered by Slacker).  Users can create stations based on artist or song.  Also, the dial can be customized by adding or removing genres.  Like Country, for example.  There is basically a 99.9% chance that I will never intentionally listen to a country music station.  So, I’m going to remove that from my dial.  Users are also able to favorite songs and check the history to review what songs have been played on the app.

Milk Music Settings: A New Ad-Free Streaming Music App from Samsung   Milk Music Settings: A New Ad-Free Streaming Music App from Samsung

I have young kids and we often listen to Pandora in our van.  We’ll even listen to music made for kids, like Elizabeth Mitchell or someone folksy like that.  But even in a safe-station environment, every once in a while a commercial will pop up for Adam & Eve, testing the speed with which we’re able to turn down the volume.  So the fact that this app is ad-free for free is appealing.  Also, in the settings, there is an option to turn off explicit music.  I haven’t tested it, but would assume that basically reduces the Hip-Hop station to old Fresh Prince tunes.

For a Select Few – For Now

The only downside to this app is that it’s currently only available to Samsung Galaxy users.  So unless you have a S III, S4, soon to be released S5 and Note II or 3, you’re out of luck.  Oh, and you have to be in the U.S.  Sorry, World.  But Samsung will apparently be rolling it out to other devices and other countries soon – or at least as soon as the app with no ads or in-app purchases can make some money in some way.

Bottom Line

If you have a Samsung Galaxy device, there is really no reason not to download Milk.  It’s beautifully designed, easy to use and offers you ad-free streaming music.

So what do you think?  Has Samsung created the next big thing for music?  It might not be the next big thing, but it is a pretty nice step in the right direction.  Check out the commercial below, give the app a spin and let me know what you think.


Free: Milk Music




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