Oct 20th, 2011 @ 1:11 pm

Minimal Reader Pro Is A Must-Have RSS Widget

Android Static is all about minimalism (just look at the site), and this absolutely extends to our Android phones. Minimal Reader is a well-designed widget that combines your love of RSS feeds and minimalism. Minimal Reader is really a widget, but it doesn’t feel like it since you can click on individual feeds and read them directly on your home screen (without opening up an app).

Minimal Reader is a clean RSS widget with Google Reader integration.

Minimal Reader has a clean design with just the options you want (like sharing a story you like or adding it as a favorite). While Minimal Reader will let you add any RSS feed you like, it’s meant to be integrated with Google Reader, and you can import your entire feed list, individual labels or simply just a single feed. So, if you wanted to create a new widget that was just devoted to Android Static, you could to that. Just saying.

Minimal Reader lets you read full articles directly on your homescreen.

Minimal Reader comes in free and paid flavors. The free version is cool, but only comes with 4X1 and 4X2 widget sizes and won’t have any of the neat-o options to favorite or share your feeds from your home screen. The full version comes with full screen and scrollable widgets, which I’m a huge fan of. Strangely though, Minimal Reader Pro doesn’t come with a full screen (4×4) widget that scrolls, so I’ll have to ask the developer to add that in — or I’ll be bitter.

Minimal Reader has some great options for adjusting widgets to look and feel like you want.

Minimal Reader is that it has a fair amount of options for both how the widget displays and things like update intervals (to save your battery life). Overall, I’m a pretty big fan of Minimal Reader; it fits in between a full featured RSS app and widget that simply displays feeds. Moreover, it integrates with Google Reader like a champ and, Hell, maybe you’ll read more with it on your home screen.

Free: Minimal Reader

Paid: Minimal Reader Pro (Around $1.00)


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