May 1st, 2012 @ 10:17 am

MIUI Launcher APK Available, Ported For All Devices

Like the MIUI feel but hate the hassle of flashing a new rom? Fret not, since a user over on XDA Developers has posted up the MIUI Launcher APK file that should work on most devices.

MIUI Launcher can now be downloaded in an APK file.

MIUI is basically a version of Android based on the original work of the CyanogenMod team, which, as you can imagine, has sparked more than it’s fair share of flaming wars on XDA and many other mobile device forums. The very over simplified gist is that MIUI was formed by a group of Chinese developers with little regard for crediting the CyanogenMod team with paving the way. Subsequently, MIUI is frequently released many phones coming out of Asia (I’ve yet to see any official MIUI device released for North American consumption).

The MIUI Launcher has a smoother, sexier feel to it. Most people tend to love it or hate it.

I’m not a big fan of MIUI in general because it just feel too custom. This is a flaky argument I know, but in things like this it really does come down to personal preference. MIUI gives Android a decidedly different feel; it’s like iOS and Android has a weird smartphone OS baby.

MIUI’s change aren’t just skin deep either, so if you want to try it expect to have a learning curve over the next few days (you may not want to set it as your default launcher).

MIUI is very iOS like in some ways.

It’s difficult to say how official the APK file is and frequently you’ll see file like this uploaded only to be quickly taken down after a manufacturer threatens to sue a particular website. In other words, if you want to try out MIUI without having to flash a rom you’d better head over the XDA and grab it while it’s still there to, uh, grab.

Also be warned that the download time is very long for this tiny file; I’m assuming it’s being hosted on many different free mirror right now that aren’t always known for speed.

Source: [APP][4.0+] MI HOME – MIUI for any device – XDA Developers



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