Aug 19th, 2011 @ 5:02 pm

Mixest Lets You Rock Out To Mostly Unheard Of Eclectic Music

I remember being in college. Twice in fact. I never felt particularly attracted to the liberal, hacky-sack and frisbee golf playing lifestyle. I’m too much of a realist and, naturally, loathe and look down upon those un-realistic types. So, as I’ve graduated and supposedly join the real world, I’ve actually become a lot more left-ist… or at least I like enjoy more eclectic music that isn’t so “mainstream.” And those are the same things, right?

Mixest is your source for eclectic and indie tracks that you've never heard of.

Mixest is a wonderful little website I discovered today that plays indie and eclectic music that you’ve likely never heard before and just happened to release their application for Android. Mixest is an internet radio station that requires no sign up nor does it really have any options. You can play, you can pause and, if you’re feeling saucy today, you can click “More Obscure,” that will start to play tracks that you’ve likely never heard of.

The app works great and looks great (it’s almost an exact copy of It’s completely free and doesn’t even have ads.

Free: Mixest


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