Jun 8th, 2012 @ 9:14 am

Mobile Photo Friday For 06/08

Mobile Photo Friday

It’s that wonderful time of the week where you ignore all the bullshit you should have been doing at your job and instead wasted several minutes on Android Static. Gawd, I love the pre-weekend. This week’s Mobile Photo Friday is co-sponsored with our illustrious partner Mobile Litratista. We’ve got some beautiful shot from @meganmori, @dnseg77 and, of course, @mobilelitratista.


The Ponder Zone: Things I’ve Been Thinking About

Now, some of you may have noticed that I don’t do a MPF post every week because, honestly, we don’t get a ton of submissions. So I’ve been thinking of turning MPF into a contest of sorts perhaps for some “swag.”

The other idea I’ve been pondering, as we’re in the Ponder Zone, is if you guys would enjoying learning more about how to take better shots with your Android device. I absolutely have my share of tips and/or tricks, and I’ve got one or two favors I can call in from Bryce and some other of our Facebook and Twitter peeps.

Anywho, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.




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