Aug 17th, 2012 @ 1:55 pm

Mobile Photo Friday (With A Chance To Win A Photojojo Lens)

Mobile Photo Friday

Mobile Photo Friday is back, ya’ll. This week I’ve got some good submissions from Dee, Jessica and our co-sponsor Bryce of Mobile Litratista. Each week I take submissions from across the Interwebs for cool shots taken with Android phones and, well, I’ve had these sitting on my desk for a bit now.  So, it being Friday and all, I decided to post them up.

I know that Mobile Photo Friday is the highlight of your social calendar but next week, I’m spicing things up with our first giveaway of a Photojojo Telephoto Lens for your Android phone. This lens actually allows you to “move 2x closer to the subject of your photo without moving or tapping.” It’s basically the greatest thing ever since you can optically zoom with your phone and get even closer to the action.

To enter our Photojojo Telephoto Lens contest, simply submit a photo you took with your Android device to [email protected] by 08/24/12 at 12:00PM EST. We’ll pick the best one and post up the winner then (also to be announced on Facebook and Twitter).

A big thanks to the guy over at Photojojo who sent us the lens and helped make this possible!


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