Oct 19th, 2011 @ 10:10 pm

MorningBomb Is A Scary Effective Way To Wake Up On Time

I’ve never been much of an early riser, and I have mostly hate/hate relationship with my snooze button. If you’re one of those people just loathes trying to get up on time then try MorningBomb — a basically full proof system for making sure you’re ass makes it to work on time. MorningBomb basically uses your GPS location to determine how far away you are from home before it “bombs” your Twitter account or SMS contacts with a terrible message that you’ve written before hand.

MorningBomb requires a bit of setup.

The idea behind MorningBomb is that if you care enough about getting to work on time you’ll be sure to have left before the app checks your location. Some setup is involve with the app (like setting a default time and the amount of distance to check before you’ve left). But if you’re dead serious about not being late to work this app might be just the thing to get your ass out of bed.

Don't worry the app is in English, not Japanese.

Free: MorningBomb


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