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Must Have Android Apps For Your New Android Phone – August 2011

You: A new and shiny Android phone sans apps. Us: Awesome. Who said they had to be related?

Last month we received a lot of complaints comments on our must have apps for your new Android. We’ve revised our list for August — both trimming and adding in just the right places. You know what I’m talking about.

Some cuts were more painful than others, especially our decision to nix Twitter for Android and Groupon, and make Lookout Mobile Security share number 3 spot with SeekDroid. Others, like telling the Amazon App Store to jog on, not so much.

Le presto su Must Have Android Apps For Your New Android Phone… por August.


1. Facebook for Android – Still didn’t know this?  Cheese and rice, it’s Facebook.  I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

Facebook for Android


2. Plume – Plume replaced our previous recommendation of Twitter for Android. The free version is ad supported, but, even with ads, is still seemingly faster and better than other Twitter clients. Upgrade to the Paid version to remove the ads.

Plume is one of the best Twitter clients for Android.


3. Lookout Mobile Security or SeekDroid – These apps don’t per se do the same thing, but their features overlap. Lookout Mobile Security will keep you virus free and let you track your phone if it’s lost or stolen, but more advanced features, like remote wipe, require a price $2.99 a month plan.  SeekDroid is more geared towards tracking your phone and is a steal at under $1.00 and requires no monthly fees.

Lookout Mobile Security


4. Amazon MP3 – You went with Android not iPhone.  Start cutting those ties to iTunes and migrate to Amazon.  Not only will you get Cloud based storage but you’ll be able to download to multiple computers and devices.

Amazon MP3


5. Tunein Radio – One of the best apps for streaming radio and even has an option for local stations.

TuneIn Radio


6. Netflix – Netflix was recently updated and should support more devices now. So, soak it up before the price hike. If you can’t see it in the Market, you can’t run it on your device.

Nearly everyone has a Netflix account these days.


7. Angry Birds – Don’t plan on getting anything at work done today.  You’ll also be that guy who ignores his girlfriend at lunch because he’s shooting birds out of a sling shot.

Angry Birds


8. Google Voice – I firmly believe there is something deep and repressed that people should work out in therapy if they aren’t already using using Google Voice.  Free text messages and a way to give out your number to people you might not wish had it later — what’s not to love.

Google Voice


9. Google Shopper – We nixed Groupon — not because there was anything wrong with it but most folks are probably already receiving e-mail updates everyday. There are a ton of shopping apps (Ebay, Amazon and LivingSocial to name a few) and some are better than others depending on what you’re looking for. Google Shopper is a good starting point if you’re searching for something specific.

Google Shopper is a good starting point if you're looking to buy something specific.


10. Runkeeper – Track your exercise data and compete with your friends.  Get Less Fat.



11. Dropbox – Dropbox on your phone!  You can’t sync files but you can at least access them.



12. BBC News or CNN – They do the same thing but one has a cool accent.

BBC News


13. Evernote – Great note taking app that syncs to your account.



14. Voice Search – Let’s you search Google with your voice!

Voice Search


15. Skype – Make free calls to other Skype users.



16. Craigslist – This app let’s you continually stalk items on Craigslist with superhuman like perception.


17. AppBrain – We also decided to cut the Amazon App Store from our list. Along with basically screwing application developers, we’ve frequently seen applications being pulled from Amazon, which means you’re screwed for updates. Moreover, save a few gems like Pocket Casts or Archipelago, most of the free apps are terrible. Just terrible.

Instead, a better option is to use AppBrain to not only discover new applications that you can buy from the Android Market, but also to use it’s impressive list of filter to see apps that were recently reduced. We use it nearly everyday and you should too.


Amazon App Store


18. Pandora – Pandora is practically as standard as Netflix these days.  Stream your radio stations anywhere with Pandora on Android.



19. Amazon Kindle – If you read any e-book and are hooked into the Amazon system this app makes perfect sense.

Amazon Kindle


20. Prey Anti-Theft – You know what sucks?  Losing that wonderful Android phone of yours.  Prey let’s you track your phones whereabouts if it ever gets stolen or lost.

Prey Anti-Theft


21. WordFeud or Words With Friends – Both of these games are, more or less, the same thing: Scrabble. It’s easy to argue, however, that WordFeud is a little more minimal. Word With Friends has improved steadly in the past few months (it has been plagued with bugs) and it’s the best choice for playing with friends that have iPhones or iPads.



22. SoundHound – Lets you identify the tracks of any song that’s playing on your radio. Even has an option for humming your song.

SoundHound will identify songs on the radio.


Are you still jonesing for more apps?  Because we have even more we think you should be downloading.  Check out our Categories in the sidebar or just browse around the site.


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