Dec 19th, 2011 @ 7:59 pm

New Live Wallpapers To Brighten Up Your Monday

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Feeling a little seasonally depressed this afternoon? Fret not boyo, I have three new live wallpapers that might turn things around for you today.

Galaxy Light

If you’ve ever read any of my posts on live wallpapers, you’ll known that I’m a sucker for anything space related. Galaxy Light is the perfect example of this — Galaxy Light shows of a Galaxy better than any other live wallpaper I’ve seen and it support parellax effects without slowing down your phone too much. The free version comes with a couple of different themes, so if you’re a big fan be sure to upgrade for a $1.00.

Galaxy Light is an incredibly beautiful live wallpaper.

Free: Galaxy Light Live Wallpaper 

Paid: Galaxy Light Pro Live Wallpaper (Around $1.00)


Bacteria Live Wallpaper

If you’re like all into science and shit then you may like Bacteria Live Wallpaper that simulates an entire petri dish right on your home screen. This live wallpaper, in particular, should run fantastic on nearly any device. Per usual, the free version is a little sparse on options and upgrading will cost you a right around a dollar.

Bacteria Live Wallpaper is for you science nerds.

Free: Bacteria Live Wallpaper

Paid: Bacteria Live Wallpaper Full (Around $1.00)


Winter Snowfall Live Wallpaper

I enjoy frowning upon gaudy Christmas decorations and live wallpapers but this one, if you really must, is probably one of the best holiday themed live wallpapers. Simple background with some snow falling in the background combined with real time background changes according to the time of day, make this live wallpaper an all around good choice for people that like this sort of thing.

Winter Snowfall Live Wallpaper is a little cheesy, but overall pretty.

Free: Winter Snowfall Live Wallpaper

Paid: Winter Snowfall Pro Live Wallpaper


Quoetic Live Wallpaper

There’s a-gazillion quote apps for Android but this live wallpaper sort of focuses more on the simplicity of it all. This live wallpaper isn’t animated in anyway, but it does have some good quotes and nice backgrounds.

Quoetic Live Wallpaper has a good selection of quotes.

Free: Quoetic Live Wallpaper


The Aurora

Coincidently, there are also quite a few attempt to mimic the aurora borealis in a live wallpaper and most of them just plain suck. The Aurora, although sparse on options, produce a pretty good likeness to the real thing.

The Aurora puts the aurora borealis right on your phone.

Free: The Aurora


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