May 7th, 2012 @ 10:05 am

New Social Network Ollaa Shares Things You Love To Do With Friends

Ollaa is a new social network that promises to share all the things you love to do with your friends on Facebook. But wait, isn’t that just called Facebook?

Ollaa requires that you connect the app to your social media account.

Ollaa is yet another app that promises to be the end-all-be-all of sharing things you like with your friends. The gist behind Ollaa is similar to many other fledgling social apps for Android — you can share your location, things your doing or eating with your friends.

Ollaa was developed in Turkey and most of it’s users are Turkish. This really isn’t that significant, but our Editor, Esra, is Turkish so she’d be pissed if I mention some potentially awesome facet of her motherland.

Ollaa's categories for sharing are divided up for quick access.

Ollaa works like most of these apps do — you find something you want to share and take a picture of it and your update can be published to Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare. At the time of my testing, it looks like the Twitter and Foursquare parts of Ollaa weren’t working because the app is still considered a beta at this point. In fact the only option I saw was to connect my account to Facebook.

The app itself doesn’t look bad, and the posts I’ve seen so far look great. You can follow people just like Twitter and even search for previous posts from users and use their images. As well as favorite status updates


Ollaa's layout is easy to navigate and understand.

The problem an app like Ollaa is two fold: 1. Most of your friends aren’t using it and, for awhile, won’t. And 2. It doesn’t really do much more than Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare already offers. How many social media networks do we need for social media networks (I feel an Exhibit meme coming on). Ollaa has a up hill battle in converting users because it hasn’t carved out a niche for itself like successful social media apps like Instagram or Foodspotting or even Platter for that matter.

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