Jun 14th, 2012 @ 8:13 am

Nextcall Helps You Track The Last Time You Spoke To Someone

Do you ever have those people that you intend to call but you never quite get around to it? Then, by all means, download Nextcall, an app that gives you stalker-like precision in following up with your friends and people you intend to murder.

Nextcall gives you exacting data about the last time you've talked to someone.

NextCall Keeps Contact Management Simple

There are droves of nuanced apps that are nothing but a waste of space on your device; Nextcall is not one of those apps. In a similar vein to another app I reviewed called Charm, Nextcall helps you strategically keep up to date with all those folks that you mean to call but never do.

NextCall will allow you to select contacts from your phone and add them into the app. Now, unlike Charm, which gives you a myriad of options for how often you should contact someone (or other information like their birthday), NextCall is just meant to tell you the last time you’ve contacted someone. Now, NextCall isn’t retroactive — meaning that it won’t start recording your last call to so-and-so until you’ve called them for the first time with NextCall installed.

NextCall lets you sort your various contacts into groups.

Nextcall has those shifty-slidey panels that were made popular in Android 4.0. These panel things allow you to sort your contacts into pre-made categories that sort between personal and business contacts.

NextCall lets you sit some default options for each category, but not for individual contacts.

NextCall lets you set the frequency for overall groups and for individual contacts. It was a little bit funky to set my preferences for calling folks on individual contacts. Now, supposedly the app description in Google Play says there’s no upgrade version, but, well, the app says there’s definitely an upgrade version. I never know what developers want anymore.


The Wrap Up: Nextcall

Nextcall is the perfect app for someone that wants to keep in touch with your business or personal contacts. I’d love to eventually see this app transition into more options like Charm, or have some option for online cloud access.

Free: Nextcall

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