Aug 1st, 2012 @ 7:44 am

Nope: I Totally Didn’t Die.

I could feel myself start to cringe as I logged into Android Static today. A combination of both guilt and remorse for a site that has opened many doors for me and is by all accounts the closest thing I’ve had to a baby. Succinctly, I have not died, been incapacitated or otherwise rendered without the ability to write. So, to answer your questions about the utter void that is AS and the lack of content on the site lately: I’ve had a lot of damn shit to do.

If it was a math formula it would be somewhere about here:

X = Normal Time (Just Some Shit To Do)

Y = Abnormal Time (e.g. A Whole Lot Of Shit To Do)


Recently: Y 8+X = Z (Tons Of Shit To Do)

Surely, if there is a gist it has been gotten. In the last month I’ve started a snazzy new job, moved to a different city and had an explosion in my freelance work, which means that Android Static has taken much of the brunt. I’m sorry.

But fret not, I’ve not given up on AS but I will be making some big adjustments over the next few weeks. The fact is that AS isn’t a big website and some of the recent changes to Google’s search engine have hit the site especially hard.  But, f*** it. We don’t have to be big. I started the site because I wanted to simply bring apps that rocked to the attention of other Android users like myself.  That’s it.

I thank you all for your continued patronage to the site and, uh, let’s get back to discovering great apps.




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