Oct 11th, 2011 @ 3:19 pm

OneCast Is A Dead Simple Podcast Player

There’s a few great podcast players on the Market, but few good ones that are free. OneCasts, however, might be my new favorite podcast player because it’s incredibly simple to use.

OneCast is a dead simple podcast player for Android.

OneCast almost resembles a widget since the app is nearly transparent and shows whatever wallpaper you’ve selected as your background. All you have to do is search for your podcast and then add it to automatically have a shortcut added in OneCast.

OneCast doesn't have a ton in the way of options, but doubt you'll care.

There aren’t any options for downloading podcasts ahead of time (or really any options for anything). But if you’re into minimalism and podcasting, you can’t go wrong with OneCast.

Free: OneCast


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  • Jason says:

    Downloading is now available! Like any good app should be, OneCast is continually being developed, so you can now pre-download your shows and listen to them later, even when you aren’t able to connect to a network. Still the same great simplicity and ease of use, with added features.