May 17th, 2012 @ 10:15 am

Ovo Timer A Beautiful, Simple Time For Everyday Tasks

Want a quick way to time your everyday tasks? Try Ovo Timer. This little app has a minimal interface, beautiful and simple styling and, well, it times things. Like really well.

Ovo Timer is perfect for timing simple tasks you do each day.

Ovo’s interface is minimal (in case you didn’t notice). To set your timer you move your thumb clockwise until you get the time you want. Because Ovo is so quick and simple, it makes the perfect timer for say calling out your girlfriend when she says she’ll be ready in “5 minutes.” Or, perhaps, tracking the amount of time it takes for you to eat a bowl of cereal in the morning.

The possibilities, my friends, are endless. In fact, I’ll likely just start timing random things tomorrow to piss off my coworkers and then report back to them results in a terse e-mail:

Dear Jim,

I have been timing your activites recently and noticed that your average time to respond to my e-mails has increased from last week by anywhere from 24 to 26 seconds. Please be conscientious of allotting a sufficient amount time to respond back to my questions and/or queries. In fact, this e-mail maybe an excellent opportunity to “turn over a new leaf” (as it is springtime now). I will update you as to other changes to the length of your activities as the data permits.


Matthew Deal

Ovo Timer's options include setting an alarm sound and keeping the screen on while the app is active.

Ovo has the standard fare as far as options go — letting you select your favorite alarm and a handy option to keep the screen on (that could come in handy if you really did want to time yourself and how quickly you answer e-mails in the morning).

Ovo Timer is completely free, ad free and otherwise pretty awesome.

Free: Ovo Timer


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