Aug 15th, 2012 @ 7:45 am

Ovo Timer Updated, Still Minimal And Weird

The team over at Ilumbo shot me an e-mail saying that they enjoyed reading my “quirky” review of their Ovo Timer app. Wow! Remind me not to robo-trip and decide to post things. I liked Ovo before but it’s starting to feel even more grown up than before. Along with a new icon, Ovo has been painted in a “sexy new red.”

Ovo Timer's new red colors are sexy and, yet, suggestive...

The big standout feature to me is the option for setting an alarm with your voice, which fits in nicely with my totes-easy voice system in Android 4.0. Ovo also has a handy rewind-go-back-in-time thing that lets you simply replay the last alarm you used.

As with my last review, Ovo is a timer app so there’s not much I’m going to add to the equation by explaining time, as a concept, or the point of timing things. As I suggested in my last review, I’d time shit that other people would do and then provide them with relevant descriptive statistics and bivariate analysis to establish important causal relationships between variables like, uh, beverage preferences and horoscope signs.

Ovo's voice commands rock. Just say how many minutes you want to time for.

Ovo is still absolutely free and ready for your weird and eclectic timing needs.

Free: Ovo Timer



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