Apr 9th, 2012 @ 9:00 am

Ovoto Crowdsources Your Everyday Choices

If you’re one of those indecisive types you’ll love a new app called Ovoto. I’m assuming the name comes the word vote since that’s what the app is all about — letting your friends vote on the various decisions you make each day.

According to the developers, Ovoto is about making “snap decisions with a little help from your friends.” By friends, I mean your friends on Facebook. Ovoto is an inherently Facebook oriented app, so if you’re adverse to connecting things to your Facebook account this might not be for you.

Ovoto requires that you use your Facebook account to login.


What Is Ovoto?

Ovoto’s concept is pretty simple: You take a photo of something, ask a question about it and, thus, let your friends vote on what you should do. So, for example, you can take a photo of an outfit you want to wear on a date and ask folks if it rocks or not.

Ovoto helps you make snap decisions by allowing your friends to vote on your day-to-day choices.

Now, Ovoto is designed to make snap, somewhat superficial decisions on everyday things. So when you create your poll you actually set a duration ranging from 15 minutes up to two hours — the idea being that decisions and voting are fast, snappy and light hearted.

Ovoto's questions are a little restrictive for my tastes.

The one quirky thing is that it doesn’t give you much control over what your actual question is. In fact, they aren’t really questions as much as they are single words like “Buy” or “Eat” or “Drink.”

Ovoto's idea is cute and designed to be snappy.

I like that this app focuses on keeping things simple and using action verbs does help to keep things snappy. But, in the same turn they’re also incredibly restrictive. Maybe my question doesn’t fit into the 10 or so verbs that Ovoto chose? Perhaps I want to take a photo of a girl I like and say “Hot?” or “Can I make out with her?” With the app’s current setup, it’s like zombies or Frankenstein are asking the questions.

The problem is that I just don’t know what type of important decisions I’ll need to be making each day and neither does Ovoto. There are other apps that have overlapped with this one, including Opinionaided (recently renamed Thumb) that involve some component of social voting and crowdsourcing.


The Wrap Up

Ovoto is a smart app, but it’s new. I love the idea of connecting with my friends over snap decisions, but I’m not sure that I necessarily want to connect it to my Facebook account. I also hate that the actual question you can ask are so restrictive and seem to get away from the spirit of an app that’s all about being fun and playful.

Still, this is a fresh app so minor issue are expected. Ovoto’s development will undoubtedly continue and grow. Plus, there’s a version for iPhone, so you can get all your friends on board in making decisions for your life.

Ovoto is completely free and does not have any ads.

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  • Ronan says:

    Hey, Ronan here from the Ovoto team.
    Thanks for reviewing our app. It’s always great to get feedback.

    The new version of Ovoto now allows you to enter any verb you want so the polling possibilities are endless!