NBC Android

I get really excited apps about apps from big companies and was eager to play with the new NBC Android app. However, my impression so far is less than optimistic and, according comments in the Android Market, I’m not the only one. NBC’s Android app is similar to most apps ...More


For all intents and purposes, Android Static is a tiny dot in the landscape of the Internet. Our protest against the two proposed bills being pushed through Congress now, SOPA and PIPA, will not likely  be the deciding factor in their passage or defeat. However, you should understand that both ...More


Every once and awhile you’ll browse the Android Market and see an app that just stands out. An app that says “If you don’t download me, I’ll probably punch you in the face.” 1Weather is that sort of app. 1Weather is an innovative and fresh take on how you’ll get ...More

Ice Cream Sandwich Messaging

A version of the Ice Cream Sandwich Messaging app has made it’s way to the Android Market. Now, of course, this app is completely unofficial and there are a some major catches to it. First, this app is still considered a Beta and a few critical features are supposedly not ...More

Power Controls

Back in the olden days of Android, most folks controlled their wireless settings via the Power Control widget — a catch all of sorts for toggling your Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and the like. Most people now use the controls built into the notification bar, but if you’re looking for the ...More


ClockSaver combines two of my most important loves into one app: minimalism and bullshit to play with on my desk. Clock Saver is a replacement app for stock apps often included with HTC and Samsung phones. ClockSaver is all about getting back to the basics — displaying the weather, time, ...More


If you’re one of those people that flashes ROM a lot (or perhaps you’ve bought a new phone) you know what a pain in the ass it is to  back up your Angry Birds data. The problem is that while you can always reinstall your games from the Android Market, ...More

Android Static is your source for the best Android Applications.

In the ever exciting and always interesting saga that is the HP Touchpad, it looks like the guys over at Cyanogen mod have nearly ported version of Ice Cream Sandwich. Some of things aren’t quite 1oo% (e.g. the camera and video), but who uses those anyways? It’s freaking Ice Cream ...More


I was perusing the Android Market this morning when I discovered Circuitry Live Wallpaper, a mesmerizing and adorable live wallpaper that draws little circuits all over your phone. Well, they don’t so much draw themselves as grow. Either way, Circuitry Live Wallpaper has a few different options for changing the ...More

Android Static is your source for the best Android Applications.

So you got yourself a new Android phone over the holidays and you’re not sure what to download? Well, look no further. Each month, we publish our picks for Android apps that you should download first. Our list has a tendency of growing a little each month, and we’re now ...More

The Best Twitter Apps For Android

Whether you are new to Android or an advanced user, if you love Twitter, it can be a little bewildering to figure out which is the  “best” Twitter app for Android. A good start is to figure out what external services are supported for your client. We’ve rounded up the ...More

Steam Droid Chat

If you’re a big computer gaming hipster, you’ll be happy to hear about Steam Droid Chat, Android’s first Steam app that actually lets you chat with your friends. If you remember, a few weeks ago Android Static got a lot of play from Reddit for reviewing Steam For Android, an ...More

Guard My Angel

A few months back an S.O.S. app got some press for alerting your family or friends when you’ve landed yourself in jail. It’s funny to think about an app being the thing that keeps you safe or as something that actually matters in a real life-or-death way. Guard My Angel ...More


Each week I probably download 100 or so apps that actually make it on AS. And, honestly, the majority of new apps released are at best unremarkable or at worst just terrible. I was looking an app called Joyspaces to potentially feature — basically it is a photo sharing app ...More


So, I was sitting around the other day commenting to my friend that, sometimes, I get a little down because there aren’t enough animated GIF files on the Internet. It seems about 10 years ago, there’s been a dramatic decline in the number of spinning globes and animated constructor workers ...More

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