Mobile Photo Friday

There’s this Cyber Monday thing going on and, frankly, I’m not sure how that’s getting more press than my Mobile Photo Friday Contest #2. I mean, we’re up to number 2 for these things, people. I got a lot of photos over the past couple of weeks, but the top spot ...More


If you like Dropbox but hate the limited space you get on a free account, then Jottacloud might be worth your time. A new Jottacloud account comes with 5GB of space by default (compared to Dropbox’s 2GB), and if you use their Autosync feature for Android they’ll add in an ...More

Mobile Photo Friday

  Well “Hay” there Friends and Neighbors. It’s time for our grand semi-probably-not-ever-to-be-annual Mobile Photo Friday Contest. This is my second ever Mobile Photo Friday Contest, which is kind of a big deal I’m known to be quite stingy in some circles! Basically kidding. Last time our Mobile Photo Friday ...More


If you work in the design field in any way, you’re likely to use colors and be pretty particular on the ones you choose. I do a little design work here and there and often I’ll see a certain hue that strikes. That’s how people in the industry talk. Color ...More

Cloud SMS

If you’re lucky enough to own an Android phone and tablet (like me) then you’ll know how difficult it is upon deciding which one to use. Obviously some tasks are better suited to each. Most people are unaware that their tablet is not a phone. Surprised? I knew you would ...More

Field Visualizer

I’m easily impressed by science. Probably the product of all my collegiate training in useless liberal arts. I am familiar with things like magnets and Wifi signals. Previously, I had thought that these things were represented in models as lightning bolts or maybe a sparkly dust. Granted, I do not wear ...More

Android Fragmentation

All the pieces of Android Android fragmentation sounds like something out of a cheesy sci-fi movie. But for the many developers looking to break into creating apps for the lion’s share OS, it can be a headache. In fact, if the various iterations of stock Android, the different skinned versions ...More

DNLA on Android

Some of you may know that I, frankly, enjoy bitching about things. In my world, someone is either doing something a little bit okay or really, really wrong. I’m going to put this one into the latter because, dammit, Android needs some native DNLA integration already. DNLA (Digital Living Network ...More


I’m not sure if everyone got the memo but fall is pretty much here. My God, it was nearly 65 degrees the other day! That’s scarf and latte weather, folks. If you’re digging the temperature change and want a new take on a weather app,  then see Climatip, a tiny ...More

Google Now

I recently did something I’ve wanted to do for a while: Nexus up. I am now addicted to my new Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7, and it’s a completely different feel than previous versions of Android. The Nexus ecosystem still doesn’t feel as smooth and seamless as iOS, but it’s ...More

Google Analytics

Blogging does not pay the bills. That two-and-a-half-year hiatus from a real job to become a professional blogger was less than lucrative, and apparently there’s no student loan deferment for “finding yourself” or something out of that lame ass Jason Mraz song. At my real money-paying job, I am an search ...More

Mobile Photo Friday

Ladies and Gentlemen it’s that moment you’ve been waiting for all weekend long — the winner of our first ever Mobile Photo Friday contest. A big congrats to Albert Castro of California (where the women flow like the salmon of capistrano). I had a lot of good submissions and after ...More

Core2 Management

There are two types of Android users. Those who bitch about battery life, and those that actually do something about it. I’ve done my fair share of bitching about the latter and have written several posts to help out the former. There’s always a balance in pursuing battery life savings. ...More

Mobile Photo Friday

Mobile Photo Friday is back, ya’ll. This week I’ve got some good submissions from Dee, Jessica and our co-sponsor Bryce of Mobile Litratista. Each week I take submissions from across the Interwebs for cool shots taken with Android phones and, well, I’ve had these sitting on my desk for a ...More

Ovo Timer

The team over at Ilumbo shot me an e-mail saying that they enjoyed reading my “quirky” review of their Ovo Timer app. Wow! Remind me not to robo-trip and decide to post things. I liked Ovo before but it’s starting to feel even more grown up than before. Along with ...More

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