Verizon My FiOS

Verizon customers that subscribe to the the company’s My FiOS internet service will be happy to hear about the My FiOS App release for Android. My FiOS is a basically a catch-all app for anything related to the service: from controlling your DVR, to turning off the lights in your ...More


The CNNGo app was released on the Android Market and offers the latest news from Asian. CNNGo is an Asia focused division of CNN. CNN already has a great Android apps built for both Android phones and tablets,which the CNNGo app borrows heavily from in terms of looks and layout. ...More


Answer: Yes. I call apples and oranges on this one! Siri is an on-board iOS digital assistant that debuted on the iPhone 4S. For Android phones, there is an app called Vlingo that just tickles me. Vlingo is a free virtual assistant app for Android 2.0 and up and, according ...More

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Answer: No. Pre-installed apps or “stock apps” do not get erased in a factory reset. When you do a factory restart, you just wipe all the user data and make the phone fresh as it would be straight out of the box. This means: no contacts, no photos, no data, ...More


Cuper Converter is an extremely minimalistic temperature (F/C) and distance (Ki/Mi) converter. There’s really nothing you can do with the app outside of those two things, but it’s pretty and, hell, that’s what really counts. Free: Cuper Converter

Portal Radio

I’m a sucker for anything Portal related; I like Portals. Portal Radio turns your phone into the radio from the original Portal, which I would describe as a Latin-Light Jazz fusion… or something like that. Free: Portal Radio


Global Warming, Recycling, Composting. There’s a lot of things to remember if you give a damn about the planet. ForBear is a cute, albeit strange, app that reminds you to unplug your phone when it’s fully charged. As some of you more mainstream people may know, simply having something plugged into the ...More

Supernova features balls... of light!

I’m not sure what’s going on with Android developers lately, but most of the live wallpapers released in the past few weeks suck balls. Supernova Live Wallpaper re-introduces the level of bad assery that we enjoy seeing developers create. Supernova features a beautiful tilting and rotating planet with small balls ...More

9s-Weather has a great weather for Android.

As I often do, I’m going to arbitrary assume that half of you people have no idea what you’re doing. No where does this ring more true when it comes to a serious subject: your widgets. Half of you don’t even know what a widget is and are confused at the drop of a ...More


There’s a lot of buzz about all the different mobile devices coming out this year and which ones will have Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android for smartphones. Apparently, Team Syndicate has released their Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher onto the Android Market, which promises to bring an Ice ...More

Magic Cube Solver

Maybe your getting old like me and starting to think about your bucket list or maybe you’re just one of those emo kids that like to get sad and think about death and stuff. I was going somewhere with this. Ah, Yes: Perhaps you’ve always wanted to solve a Rubix ...More


This one is for Android Tablets only. I was trolling around XDA-Developers today and saw Power Switch posted, which is designed for Android devices with cases and automatically turns off your tablet when you place it in a case. Power Switch works, more or less, on the same principle that ...More

Android Static is your source for the best Android Applications.

There’s a girlfriend of mine (girl that’s a friend) and everytime I see her I say “Hay”, which is just say in an extreme, and overt, gay voice (think of that guy in with the mustache in Family Guy). Our “Hay” for this week is devoted to Mobile Photo Friday, ...More

GPS Widget

I can’t find my left hand without my GPS. Stupid Robots. GPS Widget is a simple little widget that can give you quick information on your current GPS location, turn on your phone’s GPS and start up Google Maps. Best of all, it’s free. Free: GPS Widget


There are basically two categories of people: people that know what they’re doing and those that don’t. Guess which category I’m in? The developers of Raze, my new favorite game, know what the hell they’re doing. Now, they’ve listed Raze as an Action and Arcade game and the game can ...More

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