Holo Compass

I’ve never really understood the purpose of compass apps. Nine times out of ten if you have a smartphone that’s working, you have a data connection and probably have GPS, which is like having a compass on crack. After all, Lewis did call Clark a basic bitch for using his ...More

Android Static is your source for the best Android Applications.

I could feel myself start to cringe as I logged into Android Static today. A combination of both guilt and remorse for a site that has opened many doors for me and is by all accounts the closest thing I’ve had to a baby. Succinctly, I have not died, been ...More


Like augmented reality? Like, er, radar? Then you’ll probably dig Phonar, an app that helps you find your friends. The emphasis is on your friends, that is, not friends in the general sense. This isn’t a dating app, you perv. As the name implies, Phonar is an app similar to ...More

Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper

This one’s hot off the press folks. If you’ve been trolling around your RSS feed this morning getting caught up on all things Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, then you’ll love the just released Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper, which does a pretty good job of mimicking the real thing. The live ...More

Genius Scan

There are certain things that will make me not like you if you do them. One of them is asking me to fax you something like this is 1823 and everything is made out of metal and we worry about polio or something. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it ...More


Weather does one, unsurprising, thing. Any guesses? Weather is a super single purpose app that just shows you the weather wherever you are and that’s pretty much it. Like most Weather apps, Weather pulls your GPS location and reports the forecasted weather. The app displays some beautiful, Sense like weather ...More

Color For Facebook

A few months back I told you about Color, an app that lets you broadcast snippets of video to all your friends on Facebook. Now, I wasn’t particularly hot on Color — the idea didn’t seem that special (Qik has been around for almost 4 years or more), I didn’t like ...More


Remember when walking around in a tweed jacket muttering into a handheld tape recorder was the ultimate sign of being an intellectual? Damn, I miss the days of yore. If you own an Android tablet and want to feel like a 1980s investigator, be sure to download Recordoid HD, which ...More


Comparison shopping is just a marketing buzz word for, well, regular shopping. After all, isn’t all shopping somewhat of a comparison in and of itself?  Well Saverr (someone got drunk with the spelling) promises to help you compare even more things through crowdsourcing the lowest prices on the things you ...More


Do you ever have those people that you intend to call but you never quite get around to it? Then, by all means, download Nextcall, an app that gives you stalker-like precision in following up with your friends and people you intend to murder. NextCall Keeps Contact Management Simple There ...More

Android Static is your source for the best Android Applications.

Anyone who’s been around me for more than 5 minutes knows that I actually love talking about Android. Not surprisingly, I’m always interested to talk to folks that have recently purchased an Android and are still in that puppy love what-should-I-download-right-now mode. This is part of the reason that Android ...More

Mobile Photo Friday

It’s that wonderful time of the week where you ignore all the bullshit you should have been doing at your job and instead wasted several minutes on Android Static. Gawd, I love the pre-weekend. This week’s Mobile Photo Friday is co-sponsored with our illustrious partner Mobile Litratista. We’ve got some ...More


Usually I scoff at those folks who say, “What will developers and manufacturers think of next?” in awe of some new piece of technology. Despite my general curmedgeon-like attitude about this subject, I have to say I’m pretty damn impressed with the slew of new Android devices that support, of all ...More

InFoto for Android

I love infographics. Shit makes me feel smart.  If you’re equally into sites like Visual.ly then your face is going to explode off your skull when I tell you about the freshly release InFoto that creates kick ass infographics from all your phone’s data. Good news and bad news time. ...More


I sort of got a tablet recently and have been on the hunt for the absolute freshest apps around. I was trolling on XDA-Developers and saw a post for Recast, a beautiful weather app that looks great on Android tablets. As far as I know, there aren’t many weather centric ...More

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