Rundotodo's interface makes me happy.

It’s  hard to make to-do apps interesting; they’ve just been done so many times. After you have a list of your daily tasks, all that remains is for you to do them — which is, in fact, the most important part of the task list process. So, my hat is ...More

Localmind is sort of a cross between Twitter, Yelp and Latitude.

There are so many “new” social apps released for Android each day that it is a wonder anyone can keep track of them all. Sadly, most of the apps are terrible. Usually, these people are good programmers but they are terrible at thinking through problems, like “What the hell is the ...More


Lord knows having one more social networking site is a pain in the ass. Learning each eco-system is daunting and totally draining. Fortunately, the folks at Droidin make surfing Linkedin much less painful. LinkedIn’s native app is a hot pile of mess. Even prior to the recent update, I found ...More

Spy Dialer helps you discover who called you.

Welcome to Thursday. The day before Friday or, as I like to call it, the “Pre Weekend.” Boom. Just dropped a knowledge bomb on you. Also, I have some fresh apps today for you too.   Spy Dialer Usually, these sort of supposed caller ID apps suck because the companies ...More

Blippar combines augmented reality with creative marketing.

Hola, Sunshine. Cruising around the Android Market this morning when I came across Blippar, an augmented reality and marketing app. What’s that you say? What the hell is an augmented reality and marketing app? Apparently it is a thing called Blippar, because that I’m calling it. Augmented reality apps usually ...More

Browser Remote lets you control your PC's browser from your phone.

Browser Remote dropped in the Market today, which promised to allow you to control your web browser with your phone, which it does. You’ll need to install the Remote Browser app on your phone and a small client on your computer. The app itself is very slick, simple, to-the-point and ...More


I’m not 100% sure why anyone would want to make this app — much less use it. But some of you political types might think it is fun. Subsequently, I deem you all nerds and take away all your cool points for the day. “iSpeech brings the commanders in chief ...More

SafeWallet has a number of predefined templates to enter in your private data.

Like I said in my app review for Tiny Password, passwords make the internet a pretty terrible place. It seems like you have to create a new account for something every single day. There’s really no good way to remember all of these passwords other than using some type of password ...More

Android Static is your source for the best Android Applications.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’ll know about HP recent decision to shutdown all WebOS operations, which has meant that HP’s Touchpad has been flying off the shelves as prices were cut to a mere $99 dollars. A lot of people, but not ...More

Cube of Atlantis is a fun 3D puzzle games.

Totally almost wrote Tuesday for today’s fresh apps. What with being sick, earthquake tremors in NC, and massive amount of Nyquil… well it’s just all starting to blur together. Without further ado, I present your Fresh Apps for Wednesday.   Say Cheese Camera I cover a lot of camera apps ...More

Timesheet is a beautifully designed application for tracking your time.

While I was enjoying my manly combo of a venti black and butter crossant (which I pronounce like “QUA-sant” at Starbucks to irritate them), I got an e-mail from Florian Rauscha (@FlorianRau) about his app Timesheet. Now, as a freelancer myself, I know the most important thing I can do ...More

My Photo from Guanajunto.

Serious photography peeps are all about the right equipment. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to keep a DSLR strapped to your person at all times when candid moments happen. I recently came across Mobile Litratista (Litratista being Filipino for Photographer), a small blog devoted to capturing pictures only using his Android ...More

Postcards! lets you send virtual post cards... old school style.

Decided to mix it up a bit this morn and do some remote blogging. No more sitting around the apartment in my underwear for this guy! Eh…   Postcards! There are several app that allow you to manipulate photos and add your own filters and share them (see our Instagram Alternatives for ...More

GO SMS Pro 1

Text messaging is my preferred method of contact. It’s fast, it’s easy, it doesn’t waste talk minutes and I can reply almost anywhere, anytime. Okay, maybe not during sex but that’s why I said almost.  I reluctantly admit that I did not have any SMS client on my Android for ...More

Draft Punk is the ultimate app for anyone into fantasy football.

A girlfriend of mine, whose art-ish little blog is here, told me yesterday that I wasn’t much of a “guy’s guy” because I’m not that into football. Well, whatever. Trust me, I understand the concept of when one dude makes a safety-down-basket-home-run… I got it. For the rest of diehard football ...More

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