Fortune Teller analyzes your hand or face to predict your future.

Freshest. Apps. Ever.  What?  You thought I forgot?  You silly geese-faces.   Broadcaster Multiple casual make out partners? Complex flash mobs that need coordination? Text them.  All of them. Broadcaster will let you fix all these issues by allowing you to mass text massage message people. I’m not 100% sure what ...More

BroStache is probably the most significant Android app to date.

Always wanted a ‘stache’ but just can’t grow one. Have no fear – BroStache is here (Thanks Geico)! Need to be taken more seriously in that meeting? At biker bar? Nothing says “I’m one bad mamma jamma” like an awesomely wicked stache! So command that crowd! Lead the charge! Or just ...More

Android Static is your source for the best Android Applications.

Hey Peoples. First, I wanted to thank you all for your support — whether it be telling your friends about Android Static or simply visiting the site each day. Android Static began a little over two weeks ago and the stats as of today are pretty telling:   Android Static ...More

Honestly Now requires an account, although it is technically a limited beta.

Get “for realises” with a new social network called Honestly Now. The premise is pretty simple – randomly throw out questions and have people vote for what you should do. So far I’ve seen a range of topics range from silly to serious — whether someone should get a divorce ...More

The Power Control Widget is an easy way to turn your wireless on and off.

People love to bitch to about things. It makes them feel legitmated in their bitching — as if their bitching will affect the thing they want to change just through vocalizing their disatisfaction, instead of actually trying to make it better. Battery life on Android is a prime example of ...More

Lickety Split creates a game for your kids to do chores.

I don’t have kids; other people have them. Moreover, I have a policy of really not liking kids that, you know, aren’t in my family or mine. But, since everyone on Facebook seems so loves showing of their new babies, I though some of you might appreciate Lickety Split — an app ...More

Let Chance decide what your next move is... see what I did there?

Wasn’t last week so much better because of all the fresh and exciting apps we told you to download last week? Of course it was.  Here’s some more to kick off your week.   Tweet Scheduler I’m personally not a huge fan of automated tweeting, because it isn’t, exclusively anyways, ...More

My Measures & Dimensions let's you record measurements for things.

Hey Nerdster — I mean Cool Guy that takes measurements with his phone when out on dates: I have the app for you!  My Measures and Dimensions will let you take photos and then annotate them with arrows and such, so you can remember how long that antique Venetian armoire you ...More

Android Static is your source for the best Android Applications.

The Weekend!  It’s great… for catching up on all things Android Static.  Here’s our best posts and a wrap up of the week. This week we covered how to organize your receipts with Lemon, how to cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend, and covered the experimental How2Say?   New To ...More

Happy Measure is meant to do... something.

I don’t know what the purpose of T-Mobile’s Happy Measure is.  At first, I thought it was a measurement app and knew it involved some aspect of augmented reality.  And, Yes — I know it is really a proof of concept app.  However, I’m still going to bitch about it, ...More

How2Say promises to allow you to take photos and translate them into any language.

The developers of How2Say? e-mailed us to let us know the app was in the Android Market. If you remember from last week, we saw How2Say? pop up briefly in the Market but were unable to download it. The idea behind How2Say? was that you could take a photo of ...More

Simple Voice Changer quickly add effects to your voice.

Thank Goodness it’s Friday. Sheesh, what are we working working now? 35… 40 hours a week? Insane. Relax.  The weekend starts right now.   PinMan For masochists only.  PinMan is your own virtual rag doll that you can push around and, perhaps, may just like it. This virtual stickman isn’t ...More

Voice Shift allows you to change how your voice sounds on calls.

So, I decided to drop the sexy for today’s apps; also some people complained and said that it caused overstimulation and would lead to the moral decay of society. I present your regular, not sexy apps for Thursday.   The Marbians I don’t want to be over enthusiastic, but this might ...More

Wifi Radar actually will show you the direction of wifi networks.

I love Android apps that are simple, focused and only do one thing and do it really well. Wifi Radar is a prime example of a kick ass little app that does just what it says: radaring your wifi signals… with radar. Now, you’re going to look like an idiot ...More

You, yes, you can stalk your friends. All the time.

This isn’t a moral argument for cheating or not cheating on your girlfriend or boyfriend. Cheating is wrong… it’s pretty hard to refute that. Or at least refute it and not look like a complete douche. But, if you are going to cheat at least be good at it. Now, regardless of ...More

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