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I have news for you folks. Android has not been cool until this very year. I know this is difficult to hear, but before your geek love pride is bruised know that I love Android more than most. I started this blog. It’s about Android. Therefore, I’m probably justified in ...More

Appy Geek

If you are  always hungry for the latest tech news and updates then Appy Geek is the app for you. Although you might already have your fill of RSS apps (e.g. Google Reader or Google Currents), but I would suggest you to take a look at Appy Geek since it’s ...More

Open Garden

All about pissing off your wireless carrier and using the Internet willy-nilly like? Then you’ll love the new Open Garden app that creates simple tether wireless connections between your devices. You know all that junk you like to use that uses the Internet? Well it all pretty much blows without the ...More


Location based whats-going-on-apps are a dime a dozen these days. Hell, we’ve reviewed Localmind, Found, Ollaa and GoHD in the past few months alone. Well as if you needed another one, Ujoolt will tell about the local comings and goings for wherever you live. First things first, I’m no language-o-logist ...More


Savored is a local reservations and discount app for restaurants that promises to save you up to 40% off your bill. So, if your human, like to eat and enjoy cheaper food this app is probably worth your time. Savored is a cross between a reservation and discount app; it’s ...More


There’s few things in the world that piss me off. No, actually there are a lot of things that piss me off. One of them is tagging me in horrible pictures on Facebook, especially in events that, literally, happened several years ago. If that doesn’t make you feel bad then ...More

Mobile Photo Friday

Oh, Hay. I didn’t see you there. Welcome back to another illustrious edition of Mobile Photo Friday (#mpf if you’re an elite haxor). Each week Android Static select the most kick asserific examples of Android shot photography. This week I have some, honestly, quite exquisite examples from, spoiler alert, some ...More

Ovo Timer Android

Want a quick way to time your everyday tasks? Try Ovo Timer. This little app has a minimal interface, beautiful and simple styling and, well, it times things. Like really well. Ovo’s interface is minimal (in case you didn’t notice). To set your timer you move your thumb clockwise until ...More

Threedom for Android

Threedom. Let me tell you what it is not: 1. Freedom and 2. A Threesome. Misleaders. Threedom is a mobile app to make your Android phone easier to use. Your grandma just boarded the train to Coolville. Threedom, that’s still in beta right now, promises to be the “world’s simplest ...More

Fresh Apps for Android

Each week I try out thousands of apps just a’ searching for ones to satisfy my app hungry readers. Okay probably not thousands, but it feels like it sometimes. Here are my picks for some kick ass fresh apps for May 2012.   1. Reddit By Brian So there’s this guy. He’s ...More

Pure Breeze Photo

A few months back I told you about Samsung’s Pure Breeze Launcher, which was basically a train wreck of an app. Well, it looks like Samsung been back to the Lab (this is a pun you’ll get later) with their new app Pure Breeze Photo. Now I hated Pure Breeze ...More

Mobile Photo Friday

I’m not sure how to tell you all this but the Mobile Photo Friday post is late! Silly adult obligations and whatnot getting in the way of my semi-professional-blogging-man-of-leisure lifestyle. For shame on real life! However, I’m going to make up for it right now. You guys know that normally ...More


If you’re a fitness nerd (or any kind of nerd, as long as you like apps) who changes up his/her meal plans and workouts regularly, you might want to try Any.DO, a free Android app that will make scheduling your healthy life very easy (and even if you aren’t a ...More


Like watching TV? Like, uh, earning points? Like turning those arbitrary points into a random gift card? Well, you’re in freaking luck my little companeros because Viggle is coming to Android. What the hell is a Viggle? Apparently it’s an app that allow you to “check in” to whatever you’re ...More

Simple Checkin

Part of the reason I’m not a fan of location based apps is that it takes forever and a day to update your location, which tends to take the spontaneity out of the whole business. However, Friends, if you’re into the Foursquare and want a fast way to check in then stop ...More

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