Ollaa is a new social network that promises to share all the things you love to do with your friends on Facebook. But wait, isn’t that just called Facebook? Ollaa is yet another app that promises to be the end-all-be-all of sharing things you like with your friends. The gist ...More


When I was in college I used to sweat just thinking about checking my account balance. Luckily, things have changed so much that I not only don’t mind checking my bank account, but actually want to see what’s going on with it. So your life out, Mate, with these 5 ...More

Mobile Photo Friday

Oh Howdy, Ya’ll. Mobile Photo Friday is here and just when you thought it was dead and buried and you could finally move on with your life. But you can’t look away and you shouldn’t. It’s been awhile since my last #mpf post, what in between getting caught up in ...More


Like the MIUI feel but hate the hassle of flashing a new rom? Fret not, since a user over on XDA Developers has posted up the MIUI Launcher APK file that should work on most devices. MIUI is basically a version of Android based on the original work of the ...More


Bartosz was nice enough to let me know that he’s release a Pro version of his beautiful Android barometer app, SyPressure. I’ve previously featured SyPressure, but Bartosz’s has assured me that this version is even better than the last (and the last one was already pretty cool). As I wrote ...More


I don’t often use shopping apps, but when I do they are amazing. Or something like that. Karma is a social shopping app that not only helps you remember birthday’s but lets you send gifts directly from your phone. Crazy, eh? Karma is a cute app. It’s well designed and the ...More

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I’ve been using Android for so long that I sometimes forget to cover the “basics” so to speak. Apparently, there are people who don’t live and breath Android like I do. They also probably have girlfriends, but whatever. One very common question I hear from brand new Android owners is ...More

Morning Routine

I’m absolutely not a morning person. The other day I was so groggy that I accidentally made coffee but neglected to actually put any actual coffee in the filter; arguably the most critical component of making coffee. So, I was excited to discover Morning Routine, an app that supercharges your productivity by forcing you ...More


I feel like there’s certain things that are inherently hard to make cool. Stamps. Ladders. Tax Forms. I think you get what I’m after here. I’d say the same for most todo apps and tasks in general. Well fret not my little Android loving amigos, I have an app that’s about the ...More


ReadItLater, the popular reading app, has received a welcomed facelift and name change to Pocket. The change isn’t limited to the Pocket app, but the entire service. ReadItLater is dead. Long live Pocket? I’m cool with that, and I bet you will be too. Wait, There’s No More ReadItLater? In ...More


So a friend of mine, @amtaylor03, was perusing around a Verizon store trying to decide between an iPhone and Android phone. I, of course, implored our followers to provide some positive words of encouragement for Team Android, but in the end my efforts were in vain (she went with an iPhone). As a ...More

Circle Rose Live Wallpaper

Whenever I’ve had a girlfriend I’ve refused to buy roses. They’re cliche, expensive and quite a lame purchase. In fact, they rank high on my list of “Dissatisfying Purchases That Should Be Just Be Free.” Right up there with tires and coffee filters. Next time your lady friends suggests you buy ...More


If you’re into that whole texting thing that the kids are into then check out Powow, a brand new text messaging app from Handmark. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Wait, don’t I already have a text messaging app?” All Android phones have some sort of native text messaging app built ...More

London 2012 Live Wallpaper

A few months back I posted about Sparky Tweets Live Wallpaper, which was basically a cutesy way new way to receive your tweets within your live wallpaper. Well the same studio has come out with London 2012 Live Wallpaper that celebrates the 2012 Olympic Games being held in London this ...More


Some of you may remember that NASA, they do space stuff, conducted it’s first experiment using a Nexus S. The Android phones were attached to devices called Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites or SPHERES (Cute, NASA).   The idea was that the SPHERES could be operated as remote controlled ...More

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