Aug 15th, 2011 @ 11:15 am

Pano Allows You To Take Impressive Panoramic Shots

There’s an endless supply of camera and photography apps for Android, and, at times, these apps are really trying to reinvent the wheel. Pano has a slightly different angle on what you can do with your photos and essentially transforms your phone into a wide angle lens to create impressive looking panoramic shots.

Pano for Android allows you to create beautiful panoramic shots.


Pano works on the simple idea of of taking two or more photos in the same spot and splicing them together into one very long seamless panoramic photo. It has to be said that creating panoramic photos on your phone isn’t a particularly new concept, and I remember similar apps existing when I was still using a Windows Mobile phone.

What makes Pano cool, however, it that it actually works and works pretty damned well. The intrinstic problem from any panoramic camera app is that if you don’t have your pictures perfectly aligned your photos won’t line up and, thus, look silly. Pano actually does a pretty good job of lining your photos up — even when you don’t have the steadiest of hands like me.


Pano shots are stunning, even if your subject matter isn't.

When you start up Pano, it will prompt you to begin taking your photos one at a time. After you take your first photo, you’ll see an opaque image of it left on the edge of your camera, which helps you align your photos so they’ll appear seamless. This feature is critical for aligning your photos, but this task is still difficult when you’re outside in bright sunlight, which is probably the reason most people would be interested in an app like Pano — to take beautiful wide angle shots of outdoor vistas. My hope is that the developers will add an option to increase screen brightness (this feature is called “Outdoor Visibility” on my Samsung Vibrant’s camera).

Another shot created in Pano.


As you can see from my Pano shot below, I misaligned one of the shots, which is why the tennis court fence doesn’t seem to align up. Still, this shot is pretty awesome considering it came from my phone; I wasn’t that meticulous with alignment and Pano seemed to ‘take care of it’ — which is what apps like these should do.


My attempt at a Pano shot. You can see that I didn't quite get the fence aligned.


You can take up to 16 images for a single Pano shot, and the app is sparse on options (it’s really meant as a way to take panoramic shots, and that’s it). Pano has been available for iOS for a few years and has one several awards. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a solid way to take some pretty stunning panoramic shots, Pano makes a solid choice. Plus, right now it’s on sale for only $2.00, making it a steal for you outdoor-photo types.

Paid: Pano (Around $2.00)


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