Dec 1st, 2011 @ 9:17 am

Paper Forest Live Wallpaper Shows Current Weather Conditions

Paper Forest Live Wallpaper is an artistic rendering of a forest that’s made out of paper. I mean what were you expecting? Coincidently, this is the same developer that ported the calculator app over from Ice Cream Sandwich.

Paper Forest Live Wallpaper is beautiful and will show you the weather in real time.

Paper Forest act like it’s night and day and even show off real time weather conditions. It’s like a real forest… right on your phone! Seriously, however, Paper Forest is a great live wallpaper and isn’t too resource intensive despite actually being an entire forest.

Free: Paper Forest


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  • Josh Hackett says:

    Fun, likeable and not too distracting. For those desiring weather effects to be displayed, I found that they only worked after I‘d installed Adobe AIR, which is quick & free. Information from Accruweather which means you aren‘t merely looking for your nearest massive city- nice & precise.