Mar 28th, 2012 @ 4:52 pm

Platter Is A Social App For Geeky Foodies

As a modern man, I don’t have a lot of time to cook. After all, isn’t that what money is for? I’m glad you agree. For you foodie, cooking types though check out Platter, a new social app that’s all about sharing the foods you love to eat.

Platter is an app for cooks that like to share their favorite dishes.

Platter is in the same vein other popular food apps like Foodspotting, but with one or two differences. Platter is more about sharing dishes you cook and the ingredients used, rather than sharing photos of restaurant entrees and food.

Now, I will never use Platter, because, again, I don’t cook anything. Ever. But if I did cook things other than grilled cheese sandwiches, I would for a few reasons.

First, Platter is built to be simple. To add a new dish, you need to snap photo, pick a title and tag the ingredients you used. That’s it. No overly complicated options or confusing voting systems, just a social media app that focuses on the food.

Platter keeps thing simple. Just snap a pick, choose a title and tag your ingredients..

Second, Platter is easy to understand and use. Just like Twitter, you have followers and just like Facebook you can “Like” certain dishes. Platter does a good job not reinventing the wheel with social media, and most folks will feel right at home using the app.

Platter is a beautiful and cleanly designed app.

Platter is minimal, simple and sexy. If I had an app about me, you know, as a person, it would look exactly like this. Platter is completely grey and white, and some funky font that gives the whole app an eclectic feel, which hipster foodies should love.

Platter is also about discovering new foods. Platter’s search will bring up dishes, but also specific ingredients. Platter takes this idea a step further with its Cupboard feature, which lets you enter all the ingredients you have on hand and then matches them up to dishes on Platter.

Platter's Cupboard allows you enter in all the ingredients you have on hand to see what you can make.

This is perfect for those folks looking to make something with whatever they happen to have lying around.


The Wrap Up

All and all, Platter is a pretty fantastic app for folks that love to cook. Whether you’re interested in learning more about cooking or want to show off your latest creation, Platter is an adorable, well designed app that any food lover should appreciate.

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