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Apr 23rd, 2012 @ 10:36 am

ReadItLater Is Now Pocket

ReadItLater, the popular reading app, has received a welcomed facelift and name change to Pocket. The change isn’t limited to the Pocket app, but the entire service. ReadItLater is dead. Long live Pocket? I’m cool with that, and I bet you will be too.

ReadItLater is now Pocket.

Wait, There’s No More ReadItLater?

In a nutshell, Yes. All things formally ReadItLater are under the moniker Pocket. Your old ReadItLater account should seamlessly transition to the new app, so all you need to do is adjust to decidedly upbeat new reading app.

What’s Different With This Pocket App?

In some ways Pocket is very different than ReadItLater and in other ways not so much. At its core, Pocket is still about saving articles and news content that you like in order to read them later. With Pocket installed, you can share from your browser directly to Pocket, which automatically syncs any other devices that you have Pocket installed on.

Design is the biggest change that accompanies Pocket. ReadItlater had a dark, sometimes drab feel that felt utilitarian. Pocket on the other hand feels fresh, light and beautiful. The app feels clean and makes any article look polished and clean. I wasn’t the most enthusiastic about the change to Pocket, but I’m now a believer.


Pocket comes with the same features that you loved in ReadItLater. The app retains support for both search and tags. The tags are similar to the set up in Evernote, which allow you to organize your articles according to subject.

The meat-and-potatoes feature of Pocket is it’s ability to display articles in either an Article View or Web View. The web view simply shows your article in Pocket’s internal browser. The Article View attempts to format articles in a clean, easy-to-read view.

Pocket's Article View shows your article in a clean, easy-to-read format.

Pocket will automatically try to pick the best view depending on the article and it’s content. So, the app was smart enough to recognize that my article from 500px wasn’t going to be good fit for the Article View. The Article View also comes with some handy options for adjusting things like screen brightness, text size, and style.

Pocket automatically formats articles so they look the best.

Pocket comes with some handy options for sorting through your articles. You can display by content type (e.g. Articles, Video or Images). Pocket also gives you quick access to all the basics for Android apps these days, including sharing, favorites and, of course, marking something as read.

The Wrap Up

ReadItLater wasn’t a bad app by any stretch of the imagination, but Pocket absolutely improves upon that experience. Sticking with simple design cues and focusing on content, Pocket is a fantastic app for any Android owner.

I should also note that ReadItLater was formally a Paid and Free app, while Pocket has merged both into one free, ad free app. This is great for, well, everyone but does seem to slight the folks that paid $2.99 for the Pro version of ReadItLater a few months back.

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