Jun 4th, 2012 @ 9:12 am

Recast Is A Beautiful Weather App For Android Tablets

I sort of got a tablet recently and have been on the hunt for the absolute freshest apps around. I was trolling on XDA-Developers and saw a post for Recast, a beautiful weather app that looks great on Android tablets.

Recast is a beautiful weather app for Android tablets.

As far as I know, there aren’t many weather centric apps for Android tablets (for example 1Weather isn’t supported on tablets). Recast sort of feels like a version of Beautiful Widgets — especially since it has some built in options for customizing your icons, fonts and pretty much everything else.

Recast is intended to be used as a full screen app, making it perfect for keeping Recast as a dock app or somewhere for your desk. Recast also comes with a fantastic set of widgets that have too many options to list. Instead of having preformed widgets, Recast lets you create a completely customized widget on the fly.

Recast lets you create new weather widgets on the fly.

Now for most folks some of these widget will be overwhelming and/or confusing. I’m not even really sure what to use all the screen space on my tablet. Recast also works fine on phones, but on tablets is where this app really shines.

Right now Recast is still in beta and right now you can’t download it on the Google Play. You can grab the APK file over at XDA-Developers and sideload the app on your phone or tablet (make sure you have the “Allow Installation of non-Market apps” option enabled under settings).

The beta version of Recast from XDA-Developers is set to expire on June 15th before the app is going to be officially released on Google Play.

The Wrap Up: Recast

If you’re a fan of customizable apps and need to know about the weather then Recast is a great download.

Download: XDA-Developers – Recast

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