Jun 21st, 2012 @ 9:34 am

Recordoid Turns Your Tablet Into A Huge F***ing Tape Recorder

Remember when walking around in a tweed jacket muttering into a handheld tape recorder was the ultimate sign of being an intellectual? Damn, I miss the days of yore. If you own an Android tablet and want to feel like a 1980s investigator, be sure to download Recordoid HD, which turns your tablet into a huge f***ing tape recorder! What could be better than that? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.

Recordoid turns your tablet into a huge tape recorder. It's awesome.

Recordoid (not a fun word to say) is designed for tablets and has high-resolution graphics so it doesn’t look like ass. The app records in WAV and AMR formats and the limits are, in theory, as much as your tablet can hold.

Recordoid can share notes via e-mail and Facebook, and has support for setting your GPS location, even though original tape records did not, in fact, have built-in GPS. So there’s that.

Recordoid shows you all your past recordings.

You can download Recordoid free and without ads. Also, a word of warning that this app might not be 100% in terms of development — I experienced a few force closes and stutters. If you’re looking for a solid recording app for your tablet, Evernote might be a better (more stable) option.

Free: Recordoid HD

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