May 14th, 2012 @ 8:16 am

Samsung Release Pure Breeze Photos, Pretty Much Sucks

A few months back I told you about Samsung’s Pure Breeze Launcher, which was basically a train wreck of an app. Well, it looks like Samsung been back to the Lab (this is a pun you’ll get later) with their new app Pure Breeze Photo.

Now I hated Pure Breeze Launcher for a few reasons and, so far, these will be the reason I hate Pure Breeze Photo. For starters, there are at least 3 pagers of notes about gestures that you’ll need to quickly read and remember to use the app at all. The irony of an app that’s so incredibly unintuitive but yet given a casual, easy going name like “Pure Breeze” is too overwhelming for my mind to comprehend. If you’re wondering why this isn’t pre-installed on any Samsung device, this is the reason why.

Pure Breeze photo's learning curve is unrealistic for most people.


Pure Breeze Photos, at times, feels like the stock Android launcher found on most devices with a full picture layout and a, self-admittedly, gallery feature at the bottom when you’re viewing individual photos (very similar to the stock Gallery app on Ice Cream Sandwich).

Pure Breeze's single view is good and mirrors the stock gallery app on Ice Cream Sandwich.

The app also comes with this bizarre parallax like 3D effect for scrolling through your pictures that reeks of a developer who’s added in features just for the hell of it; throwing stuff at the wall and hoping that it works out.

Uh, Pure Breeze Photo also lets you do this. If you whatever the hell this is...

The app also has a series of bottom buttons that let you attach shortcuts to individual photos. You can also drag photos to a huge, ugly pop up trash can if you want to delete a photo. So there’s that.


The Wrap Up: Samsung Pure Breeze Photos

If you can’t tell already, I think this app blows. It’s just not good… for anything. I would rather print off all the photos on my phone and then shuffle through them in a manilla folder than to use this app. Yup, I think that’s about it.

Free: Pure Breeze Photos

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