Dec 8th, 2011 @ 12:19 pm

Samsung Releases Four Live Wallpapers To The Android Market

Samsung is such a strange company for so many reasons. They do things like release incredible products like the Galaxy S II, but can’t even provide a simple Gingerbread update for my Infuse 4G. Well, apparently a Samsung division in Dallas, TX has released some pretty beautiful live wallpapers into the Android Market.

Samsung Carnival Live Wallpaper

Carnival Live Wallpaper is probably the best of the bunch and it's free.

Free: Samsung Carnival Live Wallpaper


Samsung Parallax Live Wallpaper

I wasn't a big fan of the strangely named Parallax live wallpaper.

Free: Samsung Parallax Live Wallpaper


Samsung Finger Paint Live Wallpaper

For some reason this app comes in free and paid flavors. Seems like you’d release them all either free or paid.

Finger Paint Live Wallpaper is a great one for kids.

Free: Samsung Finger Paint Live Wallpaper Lite

Paid: Samsung Finger Paint Live Wallpaper ($1.00)


Samsung Ephmeral Live Wallpaper

Ephmeral is a beautiful live wallpaper.

Paid: Samsung Ephemeral Live Wallpaper ($1.00)


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