Jan 9th, 2013 @ 8:25 am

Should I Eat This Shit?

Some of you know I dabble in this and that, including the creation of quasi useful absolutely questionable websites for the enjoyment of the general public. Well I’m announcing a new website that surely make you and your friendises giggle: Should I Eat This Shit?


Should I Eat This Shit?


Here’s how it works: 1. Go to the website. 2. Type in a food. 3. Be told whether you should eat that shit or not. Now, it might seem like this site is just making up the result but it actually does use nutrition to point you towards healthier choices. Right now, it’s in a beta version so don’t just too harshly if you get some strange answers (I think right now it’s recommending that you don’t drink coffee or grilled salmon).

Take the site with a grain of salt — it isn’t intended to provide medical advice and, really, is just meant to be fun. Also be sure to check out my friend Jamie Smith’s website, who did the programming and Kelley (who made the awesome logo).

Should I Eat This Shit is also responsive, so it should look great on your Android phone or tablet.


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