May 8th, 2012 @ 8:45 am

Simple Checkin Foursquare

Part of the reason I’m not a fan of location based apps is that it takes forever and a day to update your location, which tends to take the spontaneity out of the whole business. However, Friends, if you’re into the Foursquare and want a fast way to check in then stop whatever you’re doing and download Simple Checkin Foursquare, an app that makes it easy and fast to check in to your Foursquare account.

Simple Checkin works with your Foursquare account to quickly check in to a given location.

After you’ve connected Simple Checkin to your Foursquare account, you really only need to be somewhere to check in. The app will automatically bring up a list of local venues and places requiring you to simply tap one to check in. All the checkins are passed on to Foursquare (and reported to Facebook and Twitter) and are eligible for Mayorships (not sure if this is a real word).

As soon as you start it, Simple Checkin brings up a list of local venus for you to check into.

Simple Checkin is completely free and doesn’t even have ads (according to the developer it never will). The real benefit of an app like Simple Checkin is that it allows you to check in, but not spend 20 minute fumbling with Foursquare, that is, you can enjoy real life and virtual life… at the same time!

Free: Simple Checkin

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