Oct 27th, 2011 @ 12:03 pm

So, You’re Having Siri Envy…

So, your pretty impressed by all the buzz around Siri, iOS’s new voice assistant and wonder if there’s any way to combine your love of Android with a personal voice assistant to create something even more awesomer. Well, if you answered yes don’t fret, because we’ve got a few different options.

First if you need an app to simply talk to and ask stupid questions then go with, my personal favorite, Pocket Stalin. You’ll be limited to only yes or no questions with this one but, come on, its STALIN. If the fear of starting another Cold War is too much, try Speaktoit, which gives you a personal assistant that will answer your questions and has a customizable avatar (that can speak in a human or computer voice).

Pocket Stalin is like regular Stalin, except in your pocket.

Second, there’s Iris (Siri backwards). It will answer all your questions while also offering options to text, call or look up a contact. It offers a few witty  responses, but take my advise, don’t ask about her Daddy. Iris can search the web for everything from Lady Gaga to awesome Android websites (cough cough).

Iris can answer just about everything.

Now, if you want to get down to business and really don’t need dating advice from a fake app-person then Vlingo is where it’s at. Vlingo offers complete voice control for texting, calling, driving, answers, opening other apps and social network updates. It won’t cuddle you at night, but it sure gets the job done with everything else.

Included in the app is Vlingo in Car, which makes driving a lot safer. Just say “Hey Vlingo” and it will respond with a response that you can customize – mine is “Yes Master of the Universe”. With Vlingo in Car you call, text, have your text read to you and get driving direction all while still having both hands on the wheel. Hands down, Vlingo is the best virtual assistant app for Android. The only thing lacking is agenda update, but who really wants to be on time? Showing up late is what all us cool kids do!

Vlingo is the most powerful voice assistant app for Android.

The best thing about all these apps (besides being free) is that you can use one or all. I personally prefer Vlingo and Pocket Stalin for all my hard decisions. Do Svidaniya Comrades!


Free: Pocket Stalin

Free: Speaktoit

Free: Iris

Free: Vlingo





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