Nov 1st, 2011 @ 2:13 pm

Speed Up Your Android Market With Set DNS

A lot of people complain about the most recent version of the Android Market, which introduced some pretty heavy design changes along with a revamping of the Books and Movie section. Clearly, I wasn’t a big fan of the new Market for designs reasons, but many of you don’t like it for another reason: lag. The new Android Market generally slower than older versions (in part due to layout and images).

Set DNS lets you use alternative domain name servers to speed up your Android Market.

According to one developer, Temasek, the issue is caused by a DNS resolution issue when you access the Market over Wifi (which doesn’t exist when you access the Market on your cellular signal). In response, he’s released Set DNS, which allows you to use alternative domain name servers — the end result is that you can access the Market dramatically faster than you could before.

Head over to XDA Developers for all the details and to download the app for yourself. Also, there is a paid version of the app that you’ll need to buy for a non-rooted phone (it also comes with a few widgets).

Free: Set DNS

Paid: Set DNS Pro

“Set DNS – Speed Up Android Market Using Wifi” via XDA-Developers


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