Oct 4th, 2011 @ 4:10 pm

Spotvite Is A Slick Activity App That You’ll Want To Download

There are a host of different location-ish Android apps that always offer something “better” than the other; usually, these apps turn out to be half baked, under supported and, in the end, they will die an obscure and terrible death on the Android Market. Spotvite is in the same vein as these apps, but it pulls it off dramatically better than the rest.

Spotvite is a visually stunning app that set a new standard for app design.

The gist behind Spotvite is that anyone can start an event or activity anywhere and other people can join. Spotvite isn’t about accounts or networking with your friends per se (although it can be used for that). Spotvite is more dynamic and spontaneous — letting you create instant invites to whatever you like to do from going for a run to grabbing a beer.

Spotvite makes it easy to see the events and activities that other people have invited you too.

Spotvite is very well designed, fast and intuitive to use and sets a standard for how to create well designed and beautiful apps for Android. Menus and buttons are fast and easy to understand and the app itself lets you slide in any direction to see other Spotvites. Spotvites themselves are easy to create — you first select where you’re activity is taking place and fill in the other details from the date, time and how many invites you want to send.

Spotvite has a world wide feed that you can connect to and browse.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t see any Spotvites in my area, which isn’t surprising considering how new this app is. Anywho, I’m a big fan of it already and will probably add it to our must have list of social apps for Android.

Free: Spotvite


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