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Sep 28th, 2011 @ 1:53 pm

Spreaker Hits Beta For Android

Spreaker just began beta testing it’s Android app. Spreaker is a live podcasting service that, literally, let’s you broadcast yourself in a matter of minutes. Spreaker is an interesting concept since it becomes effortless for someone to become their own personal radio station from practically anywhere. Spreaker is built to be social and you can follow other users to listen to them live or listen to previous broadcasts.

Spreaker is similar to Twitter, in that you can follow users and listen to them when they're broadcasting live.

I’m not interested in judging Spreaker too harshly since it is a beta and the service itself is fairly new itself. Spreaker for Android requires that you have an account, which will let you listen to any of the people you follow on Spreaker, view your profile information and explore new podcasts — features that are, more or less, expected. Spreaker is set up in to five different tabs all of which are self-explanatory and easy to use.

Spreaker doesn't have a huge collection of things to listen to right now.

The unique thing about the Spreaker app though is your ability to actually broadcast from your Android phone or tablet. You can broadcast live directly from your Android device to your followers or pre-record a podcast. Now, there’s no telling what the quality of these podcasts would sound like, but obviously Spreaker is meant for those looking for ease-of-use rather than concerns over professionally edited and recorded podcasts or radio programs.

The Spreaker app lets you broadcast live from your Android phone or tablet.

Spreaker, at this point, did give me a few force closes and it didn’t seem to pick up any of the feeds I had subscribed to. Spreaker worked great when playing or listening to a particular feed, but also never seemed to remember when I followed someone or not. Again, these are expected issues when an app is in beta, and I’m sure the developer will work these issues out in subsequent releases.

Spreakers Recording screen is very basic, like most of the app at this point.

Overall, once the kinks are worked out, Spreaker will be a fantastic app that lets you access all your favorite Spreaker content and broadcast yourself on the fly. If you’re interested in signing up for the Spreaker check out the link below.

Free: Spreaker (Beta Sign Up)


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