Jan 10th, 2012 @ 5:25 pm

Steam Droid Is Android First Steam Chat App

If you’re a big computer gaming hipster, you’ll be happy to hear about Steam Droid Chat, Android’s first Steam app that actually lets you chat with your friends.

If you remember, a few weeks ago Android Static got a lot of play from Reddit for reviewing Steam For Android, an all around fantastic Steam client for Android. One of our gripes was that, like all Android apps at the time, it didn’t offer any real chat features, which was a limitation of Steam’s API rather than Steam For Android’s fault.

Steam Droid Chat is Android's first app that allow you to chat with Steam friends.

Now, I haven’t heard that anything has changed with Steam’s API, and I’m not 100% sure how exactly this app works, but it just sort of does (work that is). The process is similar to signing into Steam from another computer: enter in your login details and you’ll have to confirm your account via a special code from Steam.

Steam Droid Chat is a simple app, but it, surprisingly, works.

The only wonky thing about using an app like Steam Droid Chat is that it automatically bumps you from other places where you might be signed into Steam. So, if you’re on your phone using Steam Droid Chat, you’ll probably be booted off Steam on your computer. I have feeling this is, again, part of the limitation of Steam’s API rather than a problem with the app itself.

The only problem with Steam Droid Chat is that it will almost always boot you from any other device you're signed into.

Steam Droid Chat is solely geared towards chat — so don’t expect this to be a full featured app that will let you do things like buying games or participating in Steam forums or anything like that. If only Steam For Android and Steam Droid Chat could totally get together and make out and produce a child app of sorts, and we would call that app Steam For Android and the people would rejoice for they would truly have their cake… and eat it too.

Steam Droid Chat gives you the option of setting an away status.

Minor gripes aside, Steam Droid Chat is the first Android app that allows you to chat with your friends on Steam, which is huge in and of itself. And while Steam Droid Chat won’t quite replace your fully featured Steam app it’s simple, easy to use, and good.

Free: Steam Droid Chat

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  • Moonraker0ne says:

    This app rocks, can’t get enough of steam 🙂

    Also, i saw AS on reddit, and i just wanted to let you know that the writing style is awesome and I’m now a regular reader. Keep it up!