Dec 22nd, 2011 @ 1:06 pm

Steam For Android Is A Visually Slick New Steam App

Even the most casual gamers have a Steam account these days, especially right now when Valve is running one of their frequent rockbottom sales on some actually good games. Steam For Android is a sexy new Steam client that lets you access a good part of Steam’s functionality from your Android device.

Steam For Android lets you view your profile... even if you're the Real Deal.

I should also note that, despite the name,this  is not the official Steam app for Android (in fact there isn’t one). Steam For Android basically connects to the public version of your Steam account profile, so you don’t really have to sign in since all of this is already pubic public. I did run into one small issue where Steam for Android would not see my user name and, instead, I had had to enter my User ID. This isn’t a huge issue, but Steam ID numbers are almost as long as a credit card number and, frankly, a bitch to put in.

Steam For Android will let you view you friends, but don't expect to be able to chat with them.

Steam For Android has a one or two things going for it. First, it’s definitely taken a design cue from Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich — it’s like the new Google Music app and Steam had a love child. Second, Steam For Android set up in a series of simple panels that you can swipe to move between, which, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, is pretty boss. The app lets you slide in between a view of your profile, your friends, groups and any sales that Steam might have going.

Steam For Android also lets you get a look at any specials.

Sadly, Steam For Android does not offer any messaging or chat option to talk with your socially awkward nerd friends that you met when playing Left 4 Dead 2. This isn’t really Steam For Android’s fault since, right now at least, there is no Steam Chat API that developers can use an implement in their apps.

This, to me, is probably the best part of Steam — being able to receive a random request from one of your Steam friends to jump directly into the game they’re playing.

Anyways, if you have Steam download this app. Slick, simple and most of all sexy, Steam For Android is the best way to access all things Steam via your Android phone.

Free: Steam For Android

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