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Stumblr Is The Ultimate Tumblr App For Android

Stumbr for Android

It’s time for a little honesty: you’re addicted to Tumblr. Whether it’s keeping up with your favorite celebrities or just seeing your friend’s latest hipster photos, you’re hooked. But how, Good Sir, does one feed their Tumblr addiction on the go? The solution is Stumblr, an amazing Tumblr app for Android.

Stumblr was built for people that love photos and shows all your favorite Tumblr pictures in a beautiful, full screen format. Just like Tumblr itself, Stumblr’s minimal styling allows you to enjoy all your favorite blogs without clutter of other Tumblr apps.

Stumblr displays your favorite photos in a beautiful, full screen formats.

Stumblr the must have Tumblr app for Android and offers an incredible list of features compared to other Tumblr apps on Google Play.

Whether you’re searching for new blogs to follow or want to reblog a post you love, Stumblr lets you stay connected to your favorite bloggers and friends. Stumblr is an app for people who are serious about some Tumblr.

Stumblr was designed for both Android phones and tablets and includes support for all those awesome animated GIF files that you probably spend half your day looking at. Stumblr also lets you easily share photos you love with all your non-Tumblr friends on Twitter or Facebook or any other external service.

Stumblr gives you quick access to your Tumblr account.

Obviously, one of the coolest features of Stumblr is it’s design; the developers have taken care to create an app that focuses on showing you the images from Tumblr that you love instead of the app itself. Stumblr also has a number of built in gestures that let you swipe from left to right to learn more about a given photo.

Another really neat-o feature of Stumblr is it’s ability automatically download photos directly to your phone or tablet. So, for example, if you found a photo that you just loved you could mark it as a favorite in Stumblr to automatically download it and set it as your wallpaper background in the Gallery.


Stumblr Cloud

If, like me, you’re a fan of cloud based services then you’ll be happy to hear about Stumblr Cloud, a free cloud based backup service that you can sign up for within Stumblr. tumblr Cloud automatically backs up all of the bookmarks created in the Stumblr app.

Stumblr Cloud is a free cloud based service that automatically backs up your Tumblr bookmarks and links.

Plus, Stumblr Cloud automatically syncs your Stumblr bookmarks across of your devices connected to the Stumblr Cloud. In other words, a pretty awesome (and free) service for anyone that wants to make sure their bookmarks and other favorites are safe and secure.


Stumblr Is The Tumblr App For Android

Whether you’re a seasoned Tumblr user or someone just learning about micro blogging, Stumblr is the best Tumblr app for Android. In fact, Stumblr users have already viewed over 12 million images from Tumblr.

So go ahead and feed your addiction for Tumblr. It’s okay. I won’t tell anyone. Download Stumblr today.

Free: Stumblr

Free: Stumblr (For Tablets)


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