Feb 20th, 2012 @ 11:09 pm

SyPressure Is A Slick Android Barometer App

I’ll admit that I recommend some eclectic apps from time to time, and I barely know what the hell a barometer does. But SyPressure is such a slick Android barometer app that, well, I had to write a post on it.

SyPressure is a sexy barometer android app.


SyPressure is meant is actually intended to be used with a Galaxy Nexus since it’s one of the few devices to have a built in barometer, which is kind of a weird thing to build into a mobile device.

SyPressure is all decked out in a very minimal, Ice Cream Sandwich feel that’s, overall, pretty awesome. Don’t expect much in the way of features or options — it is really a single purpose app.

SyPressure does let you change the view and the unit of measure.

SyPressure does give you the option of selecting your preferred unit of measure from pounds per square inch, atmosphere units,  hectopascals and millimetres of mercury; apparently these are all ways to measure things.

There’s another someone peculiar think about this app too. If you don’t have a Galaxy Nexus, which most of you will not, you’d think the app wouldn’t work. After all, save that device and Xoom there just aren’t too many Android devices with barometers.

Regardless… the app still seems to work — reporting, theoretically, accurate measurements of atmospheric pressure in hectopascals or any other thing you’d like.

This means one of two things. 1. The app is a huge fake and doesn’t work or 2. It is pulling data from the Internet based on your location. The former would make me totally sad face, so I’m hoping for the first.

I e-mailed the developers and will let you know when I get the bottom of this situation.

Free: SyPressure (Barometer) (Ad Supported)

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