Jun 4th, 2012 @ 10:55 pm

SyPressure Is The Ultimate Barometer App For Your Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note or Galaxy S3

Usually I scoff at those folks who say, “What will developers and manufacturers think of next?” in awe of some new piece of technology. Despite my general curmedgeon-like attitude about this subject, I have to say I’m pretty damn impressed with the slew of new Android devices that support, of all things, a barometer.

Now, you’re scratching your head at the prospect of an Android smartphone with a barometer built in. Hell, I’m willing to bet that owners of phones like the Google Nexus or Galaxy Note don’t even know their devices have a barometer.


A Baro… Wait, What You Say?

Yes, a barometer is a real thing. No, I’m not making this up. In a nutshell, a barometer is a tool used to measure atmosphere pressure. Atmosphere pressure is one of the most important tools for predicting the weather, so using a barometer is a vital skill for your local weatherman and news station.

You might be why devices like the Google Nexus, Galaxy Note and even the upcoming Galaxy S3 have barometers. The answer is simple: Barometers allow us to measure overall altitude and elevation, which means that your GPS signals are not only faster but more accurate.


SyPressure: The Ultimate Barometer App For Android

This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve featured SyPressure on our site, and it probably won’t be the last. If you have an Android device with a barometer, SyPressure is simply a must have app for more than a few reasons.

SyPressure is a must-have Android app for any Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Note owner.

SyPressure is one of the most beautiful Android apps. Its styling is minimal, simple and absolutely sexy. The app takes much of its design direction from Android 4.0, meaning it fits in perfectly with phones like the Galaxy Nexus.

Plus, SyPressure is just freaking cool. Here’s an app that your friends don’t have and will, in all likelihood, look at you with a combination of envy and jealousy when you show them what your phone can do with SyPressure.

Another great thing about SyPressure is that it’s super simple to use. SyPressure is set up in a series of panels that let you measure both the current level of atmosphere pressure and view pressure changes over time. SyPressure’s barometer lets you view minute changes to barometric pressure, so you can actually see how pressure changes from inside to outside your house or as you go up an elevator.

SyPressure's variometer lets you view changes to atmosphere pressure in real time.

One of the coolest features of SyPressure is its barometric altimeter. In a nutshell, the app can actually measure your altitude based on pressure alone (this is important if you fly airplanes). SyPressure is also the ultimate nerd’s dream since it supports several different units for measuring atmosphere pressure and even has a section for fine tuning sampling and base measurement rates.

SyPressure lets you fine tune the base atmosphere pressure to get super accurate information.

So, What Can I Do With SyPressure?

I’m sure you’re probably asking yourself, “No, really what would I use SyPressure for?” And, honestly, I’m glad you asked since the possibilities for using SyPressure are quite endless:

  1. Measuring the atmosphere pressure off of a giant, human sized balloon.
  2. Making sure that the pressure is “just right” while you’re conducting covert submarine warfare.
  3. Figuring out the optimum pressure needed to throw paper airplanes at your coworkers.
  4. Using the atmosphere pressure of your room as an excuse to justify why you have difficulty getting up in the morning.
  5. Chatting up girls with the line “Hey, is barometric pressure changing in here, or are you just happy to see me?”
  6. Telling your friends that you’re a Weather Psychic, but in reality, you are merely using SyPressure to predict weather changes.
  7. Use SyPressure’s barometric altimeter to know exactly how tall you are.
  8. Start an introspective Tumblr blog about changes in atmospheric pressure and how it makes you feel.
  9. Introducing yourself to strangers as a meteorologist and refer to using SyPressure  as “just part of the job.”
  10. Call into work sick and cite “too much pressure” as the reason and send your boss a screenshot of SyPressure.

So, how to use SyPressure matters little because it’s the best, and practically the only barometer app for your Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and the upcoming Galaxy S3.

Right now, you can try out SyPressure for free, which will give you access to the core parts of what makes this app cool. Upgrading to the Pro version, however, gives you access to the app’s free version that also has the neat-o barometric altimeter. SyPressure Pro is a steal for a little over $1.o0 right now.

Free: SyPressure

Paid: SyPressure Pro ($1.30)