May 1st, 2012 @ 8:48 am

SyPressure Pro Updated, Still The Sexiest Android Barometer App

Bartosz was nice enough to let me know that he’s release a Pro version of his beautiful Android barometer app, SyPressure. I’ve previously featured SyPressure, but Bartosz’s has assured me that this version is even better than the last (and the last one was already pretty cool).

As I wrote in my last article about SyPressure, I’m still not sure what a barometer is and can only assume it’s something to measure barros. Perhaps burros. Not sure. Regardless, SyPressure is possibly the best Android barometer app out there, mainly, because it’s so simply designed and keeps the same Ice Cream Sandwich inspired theme that every Android user loves these days.

SyPressure is the sexiness Android barometer app around.

For SyPressure to work, you’ll need a device that has a barometer built in and the list is pretty small (mainly limited to devices like the Galaxy Nexus and Note). You can still download SyPressure if you like, but the data displayed will be simply made up. I know what you’re thinking. A barometer in a phone? Overkill much?

However, there’s actually a point to this.  According to UberGizmo, since barometers measure air pressure, they can actually help to calculate our altitude above sea level. The result is a more accurate GPS that locks faster.

SyPressure: More Barometer Info Than You Knew Existed

Most of SyPressure’s features haven’t changed that dramatically since I last took a look at it. The app will give you a reading of the current barometric pressure where you are, detail about if it’s trending up or trending down and tell you if the weather is about to change. In addition, SyPressure also comes with a nifty view that lets you plot changes over time, which is good for getting sense of how much atmosphere pressure is fluctuating.

SyPressure lets you fine tune the base atmosphere pressure to get super accurate information.

If all this data-centric information about barometric pressure get’s your weather chart all hot and steamy, you’ll love SyPressure’s uber nerdy new feature to adjust it’s base pressure. According to Bartosz, this mean you can actually measure fine pressure changes like the effects from riding on an elevator or, say, the difference in pressure from the ground to the top floor of a building. Mental images of people holding their phone’s up like Star Trek tricorders come to mind.

SyPressure also includes a handy widget.

SyPressure also comes with notifications to keep you abreast of all the barometric comings-and-goings of where ever you happen to be.

SyPressure is offered both a a free and paid app, but since there’s not much else like it on the market and the developer is only asking around a buck, I’d say this is absolutely worth purchasing.

Free: SyPressure (Ad Supported)

Paid: SyPressure Pro (Around $1.20)

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