I’m calling it. As of today Feedly is the best news app for Android. Today Feedly finally moved from the languishing doldrums of beta to a polished and sexy final release, which, in my book, makes it now the creme de la creme of Google Reader clients. I used Feedly ...More

Appy Geek

If you are  always hungry for the latest tech news and updates then Appy Geek is the app for you. Although you might already have your fill of RSS apps (e.g. Google Reader or Google Currents), but I would suggest you to take a look at Appy Geek since it’s ...More


ReadItLater, the popular reading app, has received a welcomed facelift and name change to Pocket. The change isn’t limited to the Pocket app, but the entire service. ReadItLater is dead. Long live Pocket? I’m cool with that, and I bet you will be too. Wait, There’s No More ReadItLater? In ...More


Some of you may remember that NASA, they do space stuff, conducted it’s first experiment using a Nexus S. The Android phones were attached to devices called Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites or SPHERES (Cute, NASA).   The idea was that the SPHERES could be operated as remote controlled ...More

Plume for Twitter

Lately, there are a slew of apps getting updates designed to make them more Ice Cream Sandwich centric, and it looks like Plume For Twitter is next up on the list. A few days ago, LevelUp Studio released an update to Plume that is designed to make it ICS friendly ...More

Miren Browser has been removed from Google Play.

Before I say anything let me tell you how stupid-awkward it is to say Google Play instead of Android Market. Thanks a lot, Google. Speaking that don’t make sense, it looks like Miren Browser has been inexplicably removed Google Play. Miren Browser has been one of the most popular browsers on the ...More

Google Play

All the Internet is a buzz over the transition from the Android Market to Google Play, an all-in-one cloud based solution for downloading  Apps, Movies, Music and Books. As with most of the previous Market updates, it can sometimes take awhile for your individual Market app to update. Well if ...More

Fox News

It must be a slow news day over a Fox News when they’re reporting on apps that have created a “storm of controversy.” Yesterday, Fox News posted a story about HoboHunt, a quasi augmented reality type game that was released for Android in the past few days. The basic gist ...More


Apparently the whole Android community is buzzing about a leaked image purportedly showing Instagram for Android. Instagram is one of the most popular apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad). It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the most sought after apps on Android, and we’ve frequently wrote about Instagram Apps ...More


For all intents and purposes, Android Static is a tiny dot in the landscape of the Internet. Our protest against the two proposed bills being pushed through Congress now, SOPA and PIPA, will not likely  be the deciding factor in their passage or defeat. However, you should understand that both ...More

Android Static is your source for the best Android Applications.

In the ever exciting and always interesting saga that is the HP Touchpad, it looks like the guys over at Cyanogen mod have nearly ported version of Ice Cream Sandwich. Some of things aren’t quite 1oo% (e.g. the camera and video), but who uses those anyways? It’s freaking Ice Cream ...More

Google Currents

Damn Google and their willy-nilly releasing of apps. Google Currents drop on the Android Market yesterday and basically came out of thin air. Like a good Android user , however, I’d be amiss if I didn’t give you one of our Android Static: Everything You Need To Know Guides on ...More


Remember Google+? That thing that is not Facebook or Twitter but other thing. Well it looks like the Google+ app got updated with a few notable improvements including Instant Upload support for videos, support for high res image uploads and improved instant search for starting messenger conversations. More importantly, the ...More


I love Runkeeper and get really upset whenever my stupid Vibrant’s GPS isn’t working or it won’t lock a signal. Runkeeper was updated today with some pretty neat-o features that any runner will appreciate. Auto Pause will automatically stop your phone’s tracking if you have to stop for say traffic or, ...More


The CNNGo app was released on the Android Market and offers the latest news from Asian. CNNGo is an Asia focused division of CNN. CNN already has a great Android apps built for both Android phones and tablets,which the CNNGo app borrows heavily from in terms of looks and layout. ...More

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